An Extraordinarily Silly Zack Kassian Photo Gallery

Zack Kassian reacts to the news that another blogger put together a photogallery of funny photos of him.
All photos in this post from Grainne’s Sealcat tumblr.

I’m not sure what it is about Zack Kassian that makes him so ceaslessly photogenic, but it’s undeniable.

Maybe it’s his ability to grow multiple different types of hilarious facial hair? Or maybe it’s that his wild hair and receding hairline makes him look like a cross between a lumberjack and a wildabeast? Or perhaps it’s that gap-toothed grin that just screams "1970’s hockey"? Whether or not it’s one of those factors, or the unique combination of all three, cameras just love Zack Kassian and I’m far from the first person to notice it.  Already in this young hockey season multiple hockey bloggers like Rob the Hockey Guy and Justin Bourne have built Zack Kassian photo gallerys, and both posts owned.

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Maybe it’s overkill for me to get into it as well, but I found a whole whack of hilarious Kassian photos that I hadn’t seen before on Tumblr today, and I figured I had to put them into a post. Read on past the jump for more.

Zack Kassian as Rob Roy

I mean, tell me you don’t see the resemblance?

Eddie Lack with a mustache (bottom left), meanwhile, resembles a much different type of historical figure.


On any given day, Zack Kassian is basically a long braid away from resembling a rider from one of George R.R. Martin’s Dothraki hordes (and Dothraki are often referred to in the Game of Thrones text as "horse lords"). 

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Anyway, here are a couple of guys wearing a horse costume:

Guess who the head of the horse is?

Perhaps you can from their Seth Rogen fro…

Yep. Zack Kassian is a horse… Of course, of course:

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Valentines Day

So Zack, what are your Valentines Day plans?

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No one tell Cam Charron, he’ll be sooo jealous!

Zack Kassian with all of his Teeth

Uhhh what?

Does not compute.

Zack Kassian the bandit

He’s a desperado, underneath your window… (Yes I did just work a Ricky Martin reference into a Zack Kassian photogallery.)

Howdy Partner

Kassian is a versatile theme party goer. He can do evil cowboy and he can do Woody-type Sheriff cowboy. And as we already know, he can also be the horse.

I don’t even…

Kassian, the best.

And that’s it. I wonder how Kassian would react if he saw this…

Probably about right…

Check out Grainne’s tumblr because it owns.