Afternoon Headshots: February 21st

Alex Edler wears flip flops and also his full practice gear.
Insert unoriginal "what about Kesler" flopping joke here: _________
Photo Credit: Sedin Twins.

Marian Hossa, whose injured status played a role in Jannik Hansen’s one game suspension, returned to the ice to practice with his Blackhawks teammates. Jannik Hansen was callously quoted saying this development didn’t surprise him in the least. [The White Towel]

In talking about the blow to the head he suffered on Tuesday night, here’s a harrowing quote from Marian Hossa (one of my all-time favorite players, for the record): "I knew it was not going to be that bad like last time [referring to the Torres hit]. I didn’t remember last time anything." Man. [Chicago Tribune]

Speaking of the Blackhawks, they did record ratings for Comcast during CSN’s broadcast of Tuesday night’s game against the Canucks. CSN is holding their audience, so maybe they should show Ray Emery how to hold a late two goal lead. Heyo! [The Sporting News]

Here’s Jason Botchford on the criticism Jason Garrison has faced from the Vancouver media, and his slow adjustment to fitting into Vancouver’s system. [The Province]

Botch also wrote up a nice bit on Chris Tanev’s unlikely ascension to the top-four. We’ll see how long his opportunity lasts. By the numbers, Tanev and Edler were not that good in a small sample when paired together last season and more importantly, Tanev – who destroys everything in third-pairing minutes – was overmatched in a top-four role a season ago. He’s a year older now, of course, and perhaps better suited to taking on a bigger role with the team this season. I guess we’ll see! [The Province]

Cory Schneider in particular is still smarting from last week’s 4-3 regulation loss at the hands of the Dallas Stars. Meanwhile Zack Kassian knows he needs to take advantage of the opportunity in the top-six, which is being afforded to him in the wake of Jannik Hansen’s one game suspension. [The Vancouver Sun]

Jeff Angus breaks down five things the Canucks need to do if they hope to defeat the Stars on Thursday night. [Play Now Blog]

Daniel Wagner offers his two cents on Jason Garrison’s "demotion." [Pass it to Bulis

Ever wonder if the Canucks would make good Disney Princes? Our pal Grainne has and she decided that they would – as a group – really, truly suck at it. Why? Partly because David Booth would shoot and kill all of the Woodland critters. [Sealcat]

Still confused as to why Justin Schultz, or anyone with the freedom to choose really, decided to go to Edmonton? It’s probably that he wanted to be part of a young, developing, super core of talented players. But it’s also possible that the Oilers tampered with him in advance of his big public decision. An Edmonton journalist may have outed the Oil on this front (but is more likely just making stuff up to satisfy a lazy narrative). [Copper and Blue]

We love lists and Jordan Bowman has a good one. Here’s Henrik Sedin’s three biggest points in a Canucks uniform. [Legion of Blog]

Finally, stick-tap to Matthew Henderson for putting these two excellent images together. The Sedin twins are truly unreal.

  • There is a poster on the HF Boards who stated the Oilers had recruited Justin Schultz in December – many months prior to him signing in Edm. Of course, he was still Ana property then. This poster had a history of inside information, the info had been approved by HF moderators before hand. It was a really interesting post, I wish I could find it. Something about Tambellini himself going to Schultz games and approached him many times. This poster had many details, most of which I can’t remember. But I remember at the time it seems ‘interesting’. Of course, we all know how that one played out.

    Wonder if Ana does anymore reasearch about this?