Afternoon Headshots: January 28

Screen cap wherein Keith Ballard (top left) mocks Ryane Clowe following Clowe’s misconduct on Sunday.
Photo Credit: Redditer Outragez_Guy

Kind of a slow Canucks news day today, but I did what I could to find some links…

Over at the Legion of Blog, Cam Charron does what he does best: repudiates the utility of real-time stats in player evaluations. Cam’s point is dead on here, of course, but still that pass that Edler sent through the middle of the ice against the Sharks that led directly to Pavelski’s first goal of the evening, man that was brutal. [Legion of Blog]

On the same topic, Justine Galo breaks down Vancouver’s breakdowns from Sunday over at CanucksCorner. [Canucks Corner]

Alex Burrows tells Ben Kuzma that he had tonight’s game against the Los Angeles Kings circled on his calender when the schedule was released. I imagine he can’t wait to make fun of Mike Richards. [The Province]

Another update from the realm of "forced rivalries", Drew Doughty seems pumped to "get after" the Canucks tonight. [Vancouver Sun]

Canucks Hockey Blog debuts a new week in preivew feature breaking down this week’s upcoming Canucks games. [CHB]

Daniel Wagner captions some of Ryan Kesler’s hilarious activities about town in the Canucks’ "Kesler undercover" series. [Pass it to Bulis]

Hot sports take from Jim Morris in the Vancouver Courier on, what else, the seemingly never ending drama that is Vancouver’s goaltending situation. [The Courier]

Some more links and pithy commentary on the other side of the jump.

The Vancouver Province has three takes on the Canucks’ power-play struggles today. One from Ben Kuzmaone from Jim Jamieson and one by Jonathan MacDonald. Yes Vancouver went 0/7 against the Sharks on Sunday, but I’d remind everyone that the Canucks generated five scoring chances for with the man-advantage and hit three posts to boot. They’re "16th in the league" in conversion rate which sounds bad, sure, except that they’re still cashing in on twenty percent of opportunities! If one of those shots that ricocheted off the post on Sunday had deflected instead into San Jose’s net, Vancouver’s would basically be a top-10 power-play, because we’re dealing with really really small samples, you guys! [The Province]

Battle of Cali’s new LA Kings blogger has some mean things to say about the Canucks (but I still laughed). [Battle of Cali]

Finally, I found this on where a friend of the artist Anselmo Swan chimed in to plug Anselmo’s upcoming exhibition of Canucks player oil paintings that will be featured in the GO FIGURE exhibition at Gallery Jones in Vancouver. Here’s the promo poster for the exhibition: