@Strombone1 Versus @the_ironsheik

Some quality #photoshap from Roberto Luongo.

The exceptionally strange story of how Roberto Luongo subdued retired Iranian professional wrestler the Iron Sheik on Twitter begins appropriately, with noted Twitter weirdo Jose Canseco’s plan to run for mayor of Toronto (a plan he has, unsurprisingly, since abandoned). Yes, this is easily the oddest blog-post I’ve ever mailed in.

Read past the jump for more.

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In case you missed it over the past couple of weeks, Jose Canseco announced on Twitter that he was planning to run for mayor of Toronto in a Twitter interview with Daniel Dale, City Hall beat writer (and semi-professional wrestler?) for the Toronto Star. Canseco obviously understands that Toronto is the centre of the Twitter universe (or at least, the metropolis punches well above its weight in terms of users). So in order to pander to the cities constituents, Canseco reached out to soon-to-be Leafs goaltender Roberto Luongo with his usual grace and tact only to be clowned by the star goaltender.

Here’s a screenshot of their Twitter conversation, provided to us by @strombone1 himself:


Now the Iron Sheik – a heel even in retirement, with a penchant for grammatically incomprehensible english, constant profanity, and racial insults hurled usually at celebrities and athletes – isn’t very fond of Jose Canseco. Need proof? Here’s some screenshots from a couple of their relatively recent exchanges:

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Then on Thursday, the two got into a fresh, one-sided shouting match:

Okay, so that’s the necessary context that you need to understand what happened next. Seeing the love-in between Luongo and Canseco (and obviously missing the boat on where Luongo was clowning the disgraced former slugger), the Iron Sheik took a run at the Strombonian one:

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Unfazed, @Strombone1 fired back with a photoshap and a jab at Sheiki’s weak grasp of the English language:

Gold, Jerry!

The reply from Luongo clearly stopped Sheiki dead in his tracks, and he instantly back-tracked a little while trying get a firmer handle on whether @strombone1 is "the real" or "the no good the jabroni":

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Fans and math challenged NHLers who will never, ever pass it to Bulis promptly vouched for Strombone’s authenticity, while Luongo’s response was typical and fucking hilarious (you’re not surprised by this any more, are you?):

Man that’s good. Luongo invokes the one place where fans consider him a proper heel, in a back and forth with one of the weirdest, most memorable heels in WWF history? Fucking eh.

Which takes us to the end of this sordid tale. Sheik and Luongo now follow each other and one presumes that the two engaged in a spot of private, back-channel diplomacy (Roberto "Kissinger" Luongo?) before Sheiki admitted that he’d been outfoxed by Vancouver’s outgoing goaltender (who apparently has very little in common with his former Canucks teammate who struggles to keep his feet on the ground):