Jordan Schroeder and Andrew Ebbett speak about their big opportunity

Jordan Schroder’s got his eyes open (Photos: Patrick Johnston) Every player skating at UBC this week has a spring in their step and a visible relief that hockey is back etched on their faces. It’s training camp all over again, that burst of excitement that everyone feels – fan, player and writer alike – (usually…


Laurence Gilman Would Sign the Luongo Contract Again: “Ten Times Over”

  As close to a Laurence Gilman action shot as we’re ever likely to get. Via Canucks.nhl.com. On Thursday afternoon, Laurence Gilman joined Matt Sekeres and Blake Price for an interview in which the new collective bargaining agreement and the "cap-benefit recapture clause" on back diving contracts (or "the Luongo rule") were discussed at length….


@Strombone1 Versus @the_ironsheik

Some quality #photoshap from Roberto Luongo. The exceptionally strange story of how Roberto Luongo subdued retired Iranian professional wrestler the Iron Sheik on Twitter begins appropriately, with noted Twitter weirdo Jose Canseco’s plan to run for mayor of Toronto (a plan he has, unsurprisingly, since abandoned). Yes, this is easily the oddest blog-post I’ve ever…