Afternoon Headshots: January 8th

The Canucks, skating together at UBC on Tuesday.
Photo Credit: @Chris_Withers of

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Not sure how he found this (I like his work so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he wasn’t actually watching Jay Leno) but Jordan Bowman hooks us up with some footage of the Tonight Show host taking a shot at Zack Kassian’s "meth mouth." 

The always salacious News 1130sports Twitter account was active this morning, passing along rumours about the team’s interest in Cam Barker (well, we knew that one already) as well as forward Tom Kostopolous and possibly Jason Arnott too. Arnott and Kostopolous would certainly be solid additions at the right price. We wrote about Arnott’s suitability for the Canucks over the summer. 

Prized Canucks defensive prospect Frank "don’t call me Frankie" Corrado was traded on Tuesday from the Sudbury team he captained to the Kitchener Rangers. The wrinkle? Kitchener head-coach Steve Spott cut Corrado from Team Canada’s World Junior Championship roster less than a month ago. Pass it to Bulis has more. Can we assume that Frank Corrado just got a significant raise?  

Jason Botchford is fired up – and absolutely correct – about the "Luongo rule" being petty, arbitrary and objectively senseless. Here’s our take on the Luongo rule from Monday evening.

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For those of you who’ve missed Cory Schneider saying absolutely the right thing all the time, here’s an extended quote he gave Ben Kuzma on Tuesday afternoon about the prospect of competing with Luongo at training camp:

For what it’s worth. Here’s Luongo’s less verbose rejoinder:

Obviously, Luongo and Schneider seem to admire each other (both as goaltenders and as people), I mean come on, has a "+1" ever conveyed so much respect? I think not. It almost makes me sad to think that they’ve been placed into this adversarial situation competing against each other. It’s like they’re caught in a bad bromance (woah-oo-o-oo)…

Daniel Wagner highlights 6 story lines heading into Canucks training camp. One of the story lines is about Dale Weise, and it’s weird that PiTB just threw it in a post about other things like Luongo, Kesler’s injury, and defensive depth. Earth to PiTB, shouldn’t that bullet point be like nine individual posts about Weise’s mastery of Dutch geography?

More from Jason Botchford on the readiness of Canucks players, and their giddiness at returning to the ice post-lockout. Interesting tidbit: the Canucks are publicly countering questions about how their age, and their lack of game action (only four Canucks players played in Europe during the lockout) will impact the team negatively in a shortened season by pointing to their familiarity with each other as a group, and with Alain Vigneault’s systems. I’ll certainly be curious to see if that confidence is justified. 

Cam Cole thinks the Canucks may have blown their one championship shot with their current core way back on June 15th, 2011. I tend to disagree with him overall (he bases his argument on the idea that the Canucks don’t have any elite prospects in the pipeline (which is fair) and that the "Canucks are old!" which I don’t really buy), but the take is worth reading anyway, especially for the shot Kevin Bieksa takes at the lockout coverage from sportswriters.