Best of the Nation: 12.23.12

Lockout talks, an Evander Kane trade, a plan to rebuild the Calgary Flames, World Junior primers and a host of other topics were covered at the Nation Network this weeks – read past the jump to see more.


KHL: Malkin’s Gordie Howe Hat-Trick

  Malkin drops the gloves and scores some goals, Ovechkin looking better and better, and if the NHL ever comes back, you better watch out for St. Louis Blues prospect Vladimir Tarasenko. Enjoy!


The Sedin Twins: The Epitome of Consistency

The near 19,000 in attendance have known exactly what they’re going to get from these two over the past 7 years. Over at Leafs Nation, Cam Charron, as he’s one to do, rather eloquently dismantled the narrative that Phil Kessel is an inconsistent, streaky scorer. It got me thinking about the Sedins, who have been…


A Holiday Message From the Nations

   Well it hasn’t been the merriest of Christmas seasons this year has it? Instead of squeezing present shopping around Hockey Night in Canada or Battles of Alberta, we’ve had to put up with histrionic lawyers at press conferences, game cancellation announcements and endless debates about which side of the labor argument is more reprehensible.


Permanent Decertification Is Certifiable

The momentum is growing. Every day the calls to decertify or otherwise disband the NHLPA are growing. And I don’t mean from NHL players. No, hockey fans and media alike are now so fed up with what passes for collective bargaining in the NHL that they want to blow up the entire system. We’re not…

WJC Gameday: Canada vs. Finland (Pre-Competition)

The 2013 edition of the IIHF World Junior Championships doesn’t get officially going until Boxing Day, but things kick off on the exhibition calendar this morning as Canada faces Finland. The game airs on TSN beginning at 9:30am ET (6:30am PT), live from Vantaa, Finland. The game is the first chance to evaluate the final…


The KHL’s Back! And Malkin Nets a Hatty

  The KHL has returned from its December break, and Evgeni Malkin opened things up with a bang! We have five games for you right now, and we’ll be working on more of the games from December 19th tomorrow, as well as the pair from Thursday the 20th. Enjoy!


Gillis & Gilman Speak: Canucks State of the Union Update

Canucks GM Mike Gillis and Assistant GM Laurence Gilman were on the TEAM1040 on Wednesday afternoon with Don Taylor. The interview was wide-ranging and about as candid as could be expected from the two. They covered essentially all of the major issues surrounding the team right now, from the lockout, to Ryan Kesler’s injury status,…


Why Do David Booth’s Tweets So Annoy Secular Canucks Fans?

David Booth’s use of Twitter has repeatedly drawn the ire of Canucks fans, mostly because of his habit of posting boastful photos (and videos) documenting his legal hunting exploits. But criticism of Booth’s tweets and his worldview reached something of a crescendo this past weekend, when Booth took some time to comment on the tragic school…


Wolves Take the Heat to School, Continue Winning Ways

Back on October 19th, the Chicago Wolves improved to 4-0 on the season thanks in large part to a virtuoso performance by Zack Kassian in front of a building filled with Canucks fans, and brass. It would be an understatement to say that the Wolves have seen their share of ups and downs since then….