Jumping to conclusions on the NHL lockout with Tom Smykowski

With complicated CBA negotiations, you have to use your mind.

The CBA negotiations are ongoing. They’re tedious. They’re confusing. Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr have proven that as long as they’re leading negotiations, the tires of progress are going to continue to spin in the snow. They need a push, they need solid conclusions, and for that a mediator has been brought on board. His name is Tom Smykowski, he’s known for his people skills, and he has a brilliant idea:

Despite the pessimism of Samir and Michael, Tom has been asked to take this idea and apply it to the NHL lockout, similar to what he did for the Canucks last season.

Here is what he’s come up with. Click through to JUMP!


Tom has come up with a million dollar idea here. I think this is going to work out much better than his last job and I’m feeling much more positive about the whole negotiation now. I mean, just look at how Tom turned out:

Oh…Well, uh, I guess it was worth a shot?