KHL Highlights Chara destroys Satan, Pekka Rinne finally looks like Pekka Rinne


Look at that picture. Just look at it. That’s really all you need to know. "There’s no hitting in the KHL." Phooey! Also we have the KHL’s Top 10 goals, saves, and hits of the week.


Zdeno Chara mangles Miroslav Satan’s life and Satan is all pissed off about it. Watch the video to hear what Satan had to say about his countryman. Jakuv Voracek scores too, but Slovan still wins. Lev seriously can’t buy a win this year.

After weeks of playing like poop, Pekka Rinne, dare I say, steals this one for Minsk. In other news, Tim Stapleton in unreal overseas.

The KHL’s Top 10 Goals of the Week.

Top 10 KHL Saves of the Week

Top 10 KHL Hits of the Week

And both games in one!