The SYAE Podcast: The Real Fake Episode

Wyatt Arndt does a lot of fake things – he runs a fake season, he shaves with a fake razor, and he sends fake cheques to charities. But I can assure you that the podcast we taped is as real as it gets. 

We discuss extremely important topics such as the fake season, Movember, Dale Weise’s escapades in the Netherlands, and how Dan O’Toole and Matt Climie may just be the same person. Plus, Wyatt drops some breaking news regarding future projects, which seem incredibly important giving the fact that it’s November, and we haven’t seen any NHL hockey in five months.

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This was a fun podcast. But rather than giving you the impression that I’m pumping my own tires, I’ll pass along some of the reviews of this episode that have come across my desk. Keep in mind that these are from esteemed professionals. They have no reason to lie.

"The definitive Wyatt Arndt interview" – Bloggers Digest

"The only way this episode could be better is if these gentlemen had even less real hockey to talk about" – Gary Bettman

"The vocals on this podcast are as slick as hair grease" – Strombone

"Goosebumps" – My mother

"Who is the Stanchion? And what is the SYAE Podcast?" – The girl that just left Dale Weise’s loft

Wyatt Arndt

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