Headshots October 17th

Ok, fellas. Biscuit. Basket. Done. (Photo: Patrick Johnston)

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A reminder to wear purple on Friday. From Patrick Burke:

The NHL made a CBA proposal yesterday; in case you missed it, here are Bieksa and Schneider’s initial reactions to the offers, from lunchtime on Tuesday.

Tim Wharnsby of the CBC has the full details of the NHL’s proposal, which includes a pretty clear ‘FU’ to teams that – like the Canucks with Roberto Luongo – signed players to extended contracts that lessen a player’s cap hit. It seems hard to fathom that old contracts signed under the old rules would still be eligible – the NHL rarely seems inclined to change any rule midstream, even if it’s a logical change – but you never know.

Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski says this is in keeping with the NHL’s approach to the new CBA. "Retroactively punishing the teams that abused the system has been a facet of these NHL proposals since the CBA talks began," he writes.

Getting to play in all situations is good for Zack Kassian’s development. Plenty of players are saying the half-step up afforded to the AHL by the lockout (better players finding their way into the league, just like in 2004-05) means it’s actually a great scenario for young players. The Abbotsford News’ Dan KInvig reports that Kassian is excited by the opportunities in the AHL.

‘Stick Buble in the throat.’ Props to Senators prospect Wacey Hamilton (via his brother) for giving us the rundown on the UBC game plan for tonight:

Oh and some scouting on tonight’s lines, also from the Hamilton bros…

Celebrity Canucks meet-and-greet. And last, it seems Geoff Courtnall and Cliff Ronning will be at Friday night’s Chicago Wolves vs Abbotsford Heat game in Abbotsford. That’s pretty awesome, but even more awesome? Track down Johnston, Angus and Filipovic – we’ll be at both games and our signatures look pretty cool, too! Real life bloggers, ftw!