Headshots September 22nd

Not Canucks related but, isn’t it crazy that Henrik Zetterberg so closely resembles Jake Gyllenhaal?
Via Sealcat.

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Here’s a video from "Sunny and Michael’s wedding" via the "Weddings in Motion" blog. In his vows, Michael promises to love Sunny "as much as the Canucks," and to love her in sickness and in health "unless she becomes an Oilers fan." In other words, Michael is a good dude and Sunny made one hell of a catch.

Over at The Leafs Nation, Cam Charron hijacks our "Strombabble" series and writes about the possibility of Luongo landing in the centre of the universe. Somewhat relevant: in NHL2013, I’ve been trying to trade for Luongo with my Maple Leafs "Be a GM" team and finally managed to seal the deal last night. The cost was Tyler Bozak, Nikolai Kulemin, Cody Franson, Joe Colborne and a third round pick (of course), in exchange for Luongo and Raymond.

Speaking of NHL 2013, Wyatt Arndt taps into his limitless well of EA NHL themed hockey posts and previews tonight’s "shoulda, coulda, woulda" Canucks preseason games, by simming through one and recapping the results. Hey, whatever gets you through the lockout am I right?

Canucks Current Roster Collage Break: this is pretty neat, via DaSlooFoot

After I beat him off the draw (because this town is only big enough for one of us) on the 4 minute video in which Burrows scores 16 goals using the exact same deke, Harrison Mooney licked his wounds and got some awesome quotes from Cory Schneider and Kevin Woodley on why Burrows’ go-to breakaway move is nigh unstoppable.

Nucksmisconduct’s spiffy new look is coming soon. At which point I will see their new gooey platform, promptly die of jealousy and my tombstone will read: "Thomas Drance 1987-2012, never got see the Canucks win one, but at least he made the Pass it to Bulis 50."

Mike Gillis won’t discuss the lockout, but confirms that the team will send Chris Tanev to Chicago to play 30 minutes a night against above average AHL quality talent. I think it’ll be good for Tanev, and not so good for Yann Sauve