The SYAE Podcast – A Terribly Sad Season Preview

There were plenty of topics for us to talk about on this particular edition of the podcast, ranging from Shane Doan spurning the Canucks, to Alex Burrows’ extension, to Roberto Luongo trade talks. And we did in fact wind up discussing some of those topics towards the end of the show.

But for some unbeknownst reason, we decided to record a show that was centered around an in-depth preview of the early season schedule for the Canucks. You read that correctly.

Never have three individuals been more willing to inflict psychological pain on themselves. Two types of people will thoroughly enjoy this podcast – those that wish to be miserable, and those that take satisfaction in the misery of others (just kidding it’s actually a pretty funny pod, I swear!).

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  • Marda Miller

    “Bolland or Bust” – was that Drance who said this?

    It would be really hard to see Luongo in a Blackhawks jersey, however, imagine what it would do to the rivalry between the two teams.