Headshots September 11th

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David Canter, an NFL player agent, jumped the gun on Twitter last night. He was duped by a fake Pierre McGuire account, which tweeted that the NHL and the NHLPA had reached an agreement on a new CBA. I’m not sure what’s more disappointing: that Canter felt the need to quickly tweet about it rather than double-checking, that 262 people not named David Canter retweeted the same fake tweet, or that some people out there believed that an NFL agent was breaking this story. All of this got me thinking, though – wouldn’t life be so much better if Pierre McGuire was actually on Twitter?

Omar Rawji, of ‘Head to the Net’, recognizes that the NHL and NHLPA are currently facing a substantial divide, but will sooner or later find some sort of middle ground. There’s simply too much at stake for another season to be thrown out the window. I’m in the camp that believes that we’ll be treated to the best Christmas present possible in December, similar to the one NBA fans received last year.

As Jason Botchford astutely points out, players such as Manny Malhotra, Cory Schneider, and the Sedins have a ton to lose with a potentially scrapped season. Some would lose a year of their prime, and some would find their career’s as a whole being put into question. It’s easy to forget the impact the lockout has on the players themselves, seeing as you’re probably too busy being upset about not having a game to watch.

Image Break! @concretefluff on Twitter provides us with a poster depicting Gary Bettman as The Godfather:

Enough with the lockout talk, though. It’s depressing the heck out of me. Pass it to Bulis takes a look at who could fill the third-line centre vacancy. I know they’re busy playing Scrabble, and preparing for their road hockey game, but this is a topic that has already been covered in substantial detail on this site. It is known that the solution is Max Lapierre, and frankly, it’s a little upsetting that it’s even up for discussion.

Nucksmisconduct’s Sean Zandberg chatted with Donny Rivette – from my personal favourite Florida Panthers blog, Litterbox Cats – about whether or not a Roberto Luongo trade makes sense for the Panthers. Canucks fans hoping for a trade involving a certain Bjoner-inducing prospect may want to refrain from reading.

I don’t want you to leave feeling sour, though. Here’s some good news – a deal for a new arena in Seattle has been reached. Sure, it would be sweet seeing a basketball team come back to Seattle (especially after what they have gone through having to watch the upstart Oklahoma City Thunder become the most exciting team in the NBA). But I still dream of a day where I can drive out to Seattle, and watch a Pacific Northwest rivalry game between the Canucks and Seattle’s hockey team.