Sedins likely to sit year out in the event of a lockout

To the disappointment of Örnsköldsvik hockey fans and presumably Modo General Manager and former Canucks captain Markus Naslund, the Sedin twins have decided that they probably won’t play in the SEL next season in the event of a lockout.

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That’s according to Daniel Sedin who is quoted by Swedish sports media site Nyheter24 as saying that not only will the twins not play in the SEL next season (in the event of a lockout), but they may not play professional hockey at all. Here’s a translation (it’s an amalgamation of google translate and some direct translation from Expressen’s Jonatan Lindquist):

"We’ll go over [to Vancouver]. We have children who go to school so we’ll see what happens. It will be clearer when the season is about to start, how long the lockout will be if there is one. But we have decided to go over and be there."

On playing with Modo:

"No. Or, of course it depends a lot on how long the lockout will be, but we will at least start the season over there."

Would they take a full season off if there is a lockout:

"Absolutely, we see no problem with that. We can keep on working out and practicing anyway."

In order to earn a cheque while the owners and the Players Association square off, NHLers have quickly filled up European hockey rosters during NHL work stoppages in the past. Already in the Swedish press, there are breathless reports of Henrik Lundqvist, Erik Karlsson, and Loui Erikkson teaming up to play for Frölunda, for example.

The twins have racked up a lot of mileage, and in Daniel’s case some concerning injuries (a back ailment, in addition to a concussion) over the past few seasons. In addition to the abuse they take from the opposition on a game-to-game basis, both twins are singularly committed to fitness, so it’s realistic that some extended down time away from professional hockey could even prove useful to them in the medium term.

On the other hand, part of the reason that Henrik Sedin hasn’t missed a regular season game in nearly a decade, is that the twins are well-known for being addicted to playing hockey. By all accounts the twins love to compete, love the grind and are loathe to miss any games. In the event of a lockout, I wouldn’t be concerned about them getting rusty because of time-off, but I’m kind of skeptical about their ability to actually step away from the game for that long!

Let’s hope this is all for naught, and that the NHL and the NHLPA manage to hammer out a deal at some point in the next couple of months. The twins play the game so beautifully that, for the hockey world to be deprived of their skillful passing exhibitions for an entire season… Well, it seems almost cruel.

Update: the Sedins later elaborated on their comments to Av Gunnar Norstrom of Expressen. In summary: if it looks like the lockout will last only a few months, then the twins will wait it out. If it looks like the whole season is lost, they will join Modo and have spoken with Naslund about it.

    • BrudnySeaby

      Ditto that.

      What would be horrible would be if there is a two-three month lockout and the Sedins don’t play at all even when the NHL comes back from the lockout.

      Please get something sorted out, NHLPA/NHL/various others.

  • puck-bandit

    I do admire the twins for their stand, and know that they are committed to their fitness, no matter the outcome.
    This is beginning to sound that the worst is about to take place though. I don’t quite know how to say this without offending anyone, but will just the same.
    If our NHL Players are locked out for a season, I have an issue with these players going abroad and playing in another league. The elements of things that could happen, not just to the player, but the attention to this market in getting something done for us. (i.e. terms of a deal)
    It makes it all too easy to retain the high level of defiance and just walk away from the table. The evidence of my pre-sour-grapes is showing, but as a fan I’m perplexed in how easy it is just to walk away from those of us that live and breath Hockey.
    So; if today was Christmas; I want a deal today Santa…..

  • Desucca

    I think the issue would be that though they do get paid a lot of money, they likely have fairly large payments going out for things like houses, cars, etc.. if you thought you were going to miss an entire year’s worth of pay, would you not look elsewhere? I lean more toward it being selfish of us (the fans) to assume that though even though they are very well paid, they can just afford to take a year off with nothing coming in (in a *lot* of cases, obviously not all)

    as far as unions however, the only one I’ve ever been in though was ridiculous, the reps were deep inside the company’s pockets, so I don’t fully understand the politics of unions either as I’m sure that applies here somehow

  • German Canuck

    Yeah, I’ve already read an interview with Naslund, saying he’d be interested in (and has partly contacted) Edler, Hedman, the Sedins, Enström and Steen!