Goats go to hell

Goats go to Hell

A Devil, a goat, eternal damnation.

Steve Bernier hit the trifecta last night. Well, he hit Rob Scuderi and the Kings scored a trifecta on the ensuing five minute major. But the point is, when the reckoning comes, he’s going to be sitting on Jesus’ left hand. Although the prospect is much more cheery when Cake sings about it.

But enough about that, let’s talk about @strombone1!

If you haven’t read the Pass It To Bulis interview with @strombone1 yet, do it now. I’ll wait. Our own Thomas Drance followed that up today with a GREAT piece on the reaction to that interview as well as some musings on how the account may be rehabilitating Luongo’s much trod upon image.

Now, as far as I’m concerned there is no debate on whether @strombone1 is really Roberto Luongo’s unoffocial Twitter account. I mean, just look at a side-by-side comparison of performance over the course of this year:

@strombone1 vs. Luongo

Some of you might argue with the interpretation of that data, but not me. @strombone1 clearly had the ability to flip the switch and come on strong in the playoffs, whereas Luongo went all in and blew when he didn’t have a pair of 2’s to go with his pair of 3’s.

Either way, what I do know is that I hope I never know, because suddenly, the fun will stop:

Suddenly, the fun stopped