Cheers and Jeers – May 25th

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It’s Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of… "Cheers and Jeers!"

JEERS to all the conspiracy theories that are floating around regarding the Phoenix Coyotes. And yes, you should find it ironic that someone named Tinfoil Tuque is shutting down conspiracy theories. First, as the Coyotes made their way through the first two rounds, we heard that the NHL wanted them to win and made that happen. Now that the Coyotes have been knocked out of the playoffs, since the league apparently wants a NY va LA final, and the league can batter around a team without an owner, the NHL obviously wanted the Coyotes gone. So which is it, crazy people? 

CHEERS to the LA Kings for winning the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl as Western Conference Champions, and making the Stanley Cup Final for the second time in their history. What’s most impressive is the fact that they have gone 12-2 through the first three rounds. Remember that this team was fighting for a playoff spot with less than 10 games to go in the season, and lost a home-and-home series with San Jose to close out the year by slipping to 8th place. This is quite possibly the greatest rope-a-dope in NHL history.

JEERS to Keith Yandle and Shane Doan for their post-game rants on the officials. Listen, I get that the Coyotes were upset about the loss. Crybaby cheapshot artist Shane Doan went on a long tirade against the refs, but since he’s such a nice guy, he made sure he didn’t curse and gave props to the Kings for handing their asses to them. Meanwhile Yandle pointed out that the refs and the Kings wear the same colour uniforms and therefore it was obvious that the refs were on the Kings side. No, no, but the Coyotes are totally a classy bunch, and Shane Doan is totally an honest player.

Hey guys, you had more power plays than the Kings in Game 5, including one in OT. But yeah, it’s for sure the reffing that caused you guys to lose that game. Oh, also… Roszival has a thigh bruise from the Brown hit, not a "completely blown out" knee, as Dr. Doan professed. But yeah, the refs missed that too.

CHEERS to the cameramen from the CBC and NBC Sports for their dedication to keep their cameras trained on Dave Tippett while the Coyotes coach stood behind his bench at arena. Job well done, guys. Also… apropos of nothing… boobs are good.

JEERS to Tony Gallagher for his speculative drivel on the Canucks players and coach Alain Vigneault. Gallagher has never hid his disdain for AV but yesterday’s piece, suggesting that the coach could cause a split in the room, is just total nonsense.

First of all, Vigneault is about to enter his 7th year as Canucks head coach so I strongly doubt that a split in the room with this same coach would start now, as opposed to in his first or second year in charge. Tony is also railing against AV for forcing out Cody Hodgson, ignoring the fact that it was the constant requests from Hodgon’s camp for more ice time that forced Mike Gillis’s hand to trade the rookie to Buffalo. Besides that, Tony is making it seem like there is going to be a Greasers vs Socs rumble in the Canucks million-dollar dressing room, with Ryan Kesler playing the role of Dally, grappling with Vigneault’s Bob Sheldon. Knock it off, Tony. With this nonsense that you’ve written, if anyone has lost the room, it’s you.

CHEERS to the LA Kings for delivering game tickets to Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute from "The Office") encased in Jell-O. Just genius stuff from the social media darlings of this year’s NHL playoffs. It started with Wilson saying through Twitter that he wanted to go to a Kings game. The guys behind @LAKings replied by saying that they would give Wilson tickets, as long as they could deliver them in Jell-O, playing on a standing Office gag. Sure enough, Luc Robitaille hand-delivered Wilson his tickets inside a huge glob of green Jell-O.

JEERS to the CBC for their decision to air "While The Men Watch". I won’t go into detail here about this topic, because I wrote a full post on why this was an awful move. Also there have been several other very good articles written about this (which are linked in my post). I urge to read them all.

CHEERS to Alain Vigneault for signing his well deserved contract extension with the Vancouver Canucks. We at CanucksArmy have made it quite clear that we support this decision.

  • puck-bandit

    Pretty sure the Yotes were upset cause the Kings were getting the calls. LA had 8 more PP opps than Yotes in that series. That’s almost 2 more per game than Yotes got.

    Also, LA had 17 more PP opps than their opponent in the playoffs thus far – they only played 12 games. You do the math. 17 PP opps is likely a record. If I were the Yotes, I’d be upset to. We saw how peeved Gillis was in round 1 last yr after similar circumstances. Officiating can change or make a series. When your team plays with more men on the ice each game, you’re at an immediate advantage.