Canucks Extend Mike Gillis


Vancouver announced today they have re-signed GM Mike Gillis. It’s a good move for the organization despite the team’s disappointing finish to the season this year.

Since Gillis took the reins, the Vancouver Canucks have been on the best teams in the NHL. The club has won two consecutive Presidents trophies, four consecutive NW division crowns and he was named GM of the year in 2011. Those are some heady achievements, unmatched by many older, more established managers in the league.

Gillis’ management is marred by only a few missteps over the years (the Keith Ballard trade stands as his worst in recent memory). However, by and large his acquisitions have been good bets and the organization’s cap management despite boasting some of the league’s premier talent has been excellent.

What’s more, the Canucks have become known as one of the most progressive, forward thinking franchises under Gilli’s watch. It’s clear the team isn’t afraid to investigate new, unique methods to achieve success which speaks to an open, thoughtful approach to management.

Gillis is a forward thinker who has achieved a huge amount of success during his brief time in Vancouver. Keeping him the fold was a no-brainer.


  • Mantastic

    Agreed. I figure all GM’s buy a few stinkers, and Gillis has made his share (Ballard chiefly, which was a huge obstacle this year to another top-4 Dman, but there was also Demitra and Sturm as bad signings). Even if Luongo is traded, Gillis did well to sign him at the time, which probably helped him sign the Sedins and Kesler to reasonable contracts. He wasn’t hasty in getting rid of good personnel, and AV has been a great coach. Gillis did what he needed at the beginning of his term to establish Vancouver as a credible contender, and attract talent, like Hamhuis. Clearly uses lots of advanced analysis in making his decisions. All in all, he’s done a good job.

  • Mantastic

    Cool, I guess that means Av’s back. We can look forward to another great regular season and no Stanley Cup. We can also look forward to AC ducking the media (thus ducking the fans) at the end of next season so he doesn’t have to answer for his bad coaching.

    Cool. Go Canucks Go down the the same road again and again and against without success.

  • Mantastic

    Finally, someone who has common sense in these forums…but common sense is something the Canucks and their fans lack, that’s why they havent won anything in 4 decades. This resigning of Gillis is no surprise, the Canucks motto has always been, losing is good enough and the cup doesn’t count for anything, so enjoy the Presidents Choice Cup cause that’s all we are good for.

    As for the |Canucks making a few mistesp..well , look at the facts of this organization, a few years ago, they and stinky luongo choked against the hawks.The year after that luongo proclaimed that he was happy to play them again…ah wrong, he was exposed and choked again in the first round. Then forward again and bobby lu plays the hawks and get a -30 lead, only to Choke away 3 games, having basketcase luongo choke in the tying goal, only to be saved by a flukey goal on a bouncing puck. In the finals, being up 2 and 0 in the series against boston, luongo and his team get exposed for what they are and lose 4 lopsided games against boston. Luongo cemented the fact that he cannot win in big games at all. Forward to this year, not many changes, hope for the best and geuss what, first round chokage against the kings.Who could have invisioned thins? Well, history if you bother to check. What Canucks and their hopeless fans need isnt forward thinking, it’s backwards thinking. Get rid of who ever cant help the team and get new blood who can, in management or in players or in scouting staff, something they clearly do not have.

    Canucks motto has alwasy been “more of the same and hope for the best” it shows in their team structure, the way the fans think. 40 years and no cup, two lousy choked up finals. Only the Canucks can choke in legendary terms. 7th home game finals choke and 1st round loss after winning the Presidents chump cup. If businesses ran their store the way the Canucks ran their team to win the cup, there would be a ton of bankrupcies.

    Heres the future to all Canucks fans who are clearly oblivious to history. Next year, they will acquire players and still keep the useless [do nothing in the playoffs] core.Come the playoffs, if they even make it to there at all, they will either choke the first round or they’ll make the conference final, but not to the finals. Off season the management will say what a good job theyve done, the fans will say they got close, couple more additions and theyll have it and the same do nothing process begins again the next year. Bottom line, another 40 years of choke.Get used to it people, A do nothing team usually does just that..nothing.

  • Mantastic

    Keeping him in the fold is good but he can’t escape criticism. Failing to get a competent top 4 D and a playmaking top 6 guy is going to be tough with this IFA crop. Luongo deal, draft(Under MG has been sub par) and college FA’s will be the only way this team gets better. Barrett Jackman, Justin Schultz, PA Parenteau, Alex Semin and Radulov should all be targeted.

  • Mantastic

    Why do I just know ‘Brutality of Truth is from Alberta? Cowtown and Oiltown are done forever. With leadership like Steve Tambellini and Jay Feaster, fans won’t even have the luxury of watching their teams choke. No one wants to play in those hellish places. No UFA will sign with them them. Every player they draft will flee at the first opportunity. Every veteran will demand a trade. They don’t know how to evaluate talent, let alone attract it. Truth hurts, huh?

    Meanwhile, man Mike Gillis. Four years in, he’s made a lot of progress. A cup appearance, two president’s trophies… He’s achieved something every year. The sweet truth is its only a matter of time..

  • Mantastic

    @Brutality of truth, your Wilde like wit and Aurelius like insight humble me. First you point out that, despite the fact that the team has rehired their GM, Gillis has actually, in fact, resigned his position.

    Secondly, your ability to decipher the Canuck’s motto is breathe taking. As you pointed out, if you rearrange the letters in “We are all Canucks,” while replacing and adding a few more letters, clearly what is left is the Canuck’s true motto: “more of the same and hope for the best.” With sleuthing abilities like that has Fox News contacted you to replace Glenn Beck?

    I also appreciate your memory. For some reason I remember the Canuck’s second loss to the Blackhawks as being in the second round. I also don’t remember the Canucks choking in that series. As I remember it the Canucks lost to a team that won the cup, and was so deep that they were $4 million over the salary cap. I am a little dehydrated though, my memory is a little hazy.

    One area that I do remember the Canucks chocking in was the 2012 campaign where they blew a 3-0 series lead against their rival Blackhawks. To make matters worse they also blew a 1-0 lead in that game. This is something that a true cup winning franchise, like the duly adored Bruins, would never do. Well… I mean the Bruins did blow a 3-0 series lead (3rd team to do that) in 2010, and a 3-0 lead in game 7 (first team to accomplish that feat), but they lost to a Philadelphia team team that was destined for greatness. A team that would fall just two games short of the Stanley Cup.

    Lastly, while the Internet has seemingly killed objectivity, transparency has become the new standard. That is why it is so important that you clearly identified yourself as a Canucks fan. That is at least until the end of your post when your once admirable transparency was replaced by a tone that is a little more objective separating yourself from Canucks fans.

    Since, as you said, Gillis has resigned his position I hope the Canucks can hire a forward thinker such as yourself. Someone who is willing to look backward rather than forward to change the franchises history of never winning a cup. As everyone knows, the definition of insanity is to act a different way and expect a new result. That is why with you, Brutality of truth (if indeed that is your real name), as the Canuck’s GM it is my sincere hope that the Canucks can look backwards at their un-storied history, re-capture the magic of the late 90’s and bring Lord Stanley’s Cup to Stanley Park

  • Mantastic


    Don’t know how to evaluate talent?! you’re a canucks fan criticizing another team about evaluating talent?! lol

    at least Feaster has won a cup and that’s what it’s all about.

  • Mantastic

    Brutality and Mantastic are right, we should take their sage advice and follow the example of managerial competence shown by the Mudberta teams who have illustrated how intelligent management can create consistent results.

    lol 😉

  • Mantastic


    Second round, the canucks were up 3-0 in the series, your memory is exacting…too bad you forget they blew that series lead. When you are up 3-0 in a series to a team thats beaten you twice in the play offs already, i’st an essential choke. Yeah, sure they won game seven, with Burroughs fluky goal on a bouncing puck..yes , it was a fluke.They, they canucks , should not have even made it past that round.Roberto was saved by burroughs, just like sid the kid saved him in the olympics.

    Lets talk about the finals.Obnce again bobby lu opened his mouth again about timmy thomas and got sha-lacked in the fiorst two games in boston, humiliated again in the 6th game, and if that wasnt good enough, then he created the mother of all chokes in the 7th home game, do you rememebr that? 4-0 was the score if my bad memory serves me correct? Is that close to you? That is not close my friends, that is being EXPOSED. That is like country club golf plyers going against the best pros in the world.The canucks were exposed…big time.

    fast forward next year, and a bunch of do nothing moves and they expect to win the cup?
    When is “not good enough” not good enough?
    The biggest problem is the canuck management and their fans not seeing the writing on the wall, it’s been building up for 40 years now. The canucks arent a spring chicken team, theyve been losing for a long time….correction, not winning squat for a long time.

    It’s clear that you dont like criticism of that team, you feel that more of the same is good enough, that change is a bad thing. the writing has been on the wall for some time now, maybe it’s time you looked at it.

    Aaron, im not the smartest guy around, i’ll even give you that. One thing i can see is a losing team, its all there, in hstory, in the records, in the books.If the canucks could win a cup ever so many years like the wings, than there is some room for failure, but they have not won in 40 years…am i wrong abou that?
    When a team in Tampa bay wins a cup long before the canucks have, you know something is wrong with the whole “canucks culture”. They grow palm tress down there in tampa for christ sake, and they have a cup.What have the Cancuks won? Two presidents trophies. I geuss that is good ebnougf or you eh? clearly it seems so.

    Aaron, whether i identify with myself as a fan of the canucks or not , does it make my words any less valid or truthful? I didnt know that only a canucks fan could criticize them, but i geuss iam not a fan, because i dont support losers and praise failure or make excuses for futility? Is that what you want to do aaron, prise the canucks for losing? For being..good enough.

    Aron, it seems that you are a fan of the team, and you are one of its enablers, for to you, there’s always next eyar, and wehat they have is good enough, that there should be no worth le changes, and that more of the same will get you better results. After all, if you disagree with me, then you clearly have the opposite view i do. Which means that you are happy with the direction the team has gone, choke, choke, choke choke…win nothing.

    But let me leave you with 2 qoutes that may open your eyes to this team, whether you are receptive enought to see is is up to you.
    After the canucks lost the kings series, post game interview Sedin said and i qoute” I thought we played a good game” and AV said” who could have invisioned this?”
    Well, let’s put it in perspective, when you LOSE, you DONT play a good game. Only a Sedin can say that…basically we lost but we played a good you dipstick, when you win, you play well, when you lose, youre a loser.
    AV- who could have envisioned this? Well, many people did, except bandwagoner fans. After choking year after year and being exposed by boston in the finals, the very next year they make do nothing trades and then expect the team to somehow magically win the cup? Clearly Av must be delusional aas much as his fans are.the canucks need to change their team name to the “country clubbers” cause thats what messier said when he got here years ago.Same old not good enough players getting all the ice time, never having to face accountability, never getting traded.Look at the jerseys they have retired, not one person has won anything for this franchise. Treveor linden? You peole must be chocking. Talk about low standards.

    Cheer up aaron, im sure they will win a cup, cause there’ always next year, and more of the same is better then something better.
    and if no one on that team is bad, that no one can be faulted..cause en it comes to the canucks, their true motto is “It’s never the teams fault, it’s always someone else.”

  • Mantastic

    Nat, you are a fan of the canucks , i can tell. Im not trying to be sarcastic when i say you have way too much common sense to be a canucks fan. I feel sorry for fans like yourself, but it’s not your fault that the Canucks org sells pipe dreams year after year to lure in fans to make the bottom line, sans cup. i was a fan at one time, until i woke up and realized that things like “supoort” and “mercy” and “respect” and even “winning” have to be earned in life.I can think of a billion things that are more worthy than supporting a team that clearly has no intention of doing what it say it want to do.

    The premise of a hockey team is to win the cup.Thats what the fans buy into, thats what they pay for.It’s no different than a business who sells merchandise or services. You pay for something, you should get wehat is clearly offered.Now, i know that no team can win the cup every year, but what needs to be shown is a direction towards the cup. The Canucks have have shown anything but, in fact, they are going the wrong way.If there was no stanly cup, would fans pay hundreds to see over-priveliged players skate aorund an ice rink? i think not.The canucks clearly have shown they do not deseve support and more support is akin to more alchohol to an alcoholic.Why try and win the cup when fans keep paying year after year? why buy the cow when somes giving the milk away for free , right?

    Looking back at the finals against the Rangers way back when, That team could have won the cup the next year had they made a few more good additions. But no, mamangement scrapped all the grit, the heart, the work ethic the true heros.They left, linden, lumme and mclean.Those 3 were 3rd liners on other teams at best, but they were here mucking around for years. their best player ever wad Bure, and look at how he got treated.Everyone talks about how bad messier was…but how can one man change a culture of non-accountability?pat
    Quinn was the master of non-accountability.
    That philosophy still prevails today. it’s like perfume, you cant see it, but you can smell it. How many more years of seeing the Sedins do nothing in the post season before ppl wake up? Vancouver doesnt owe luongo nothing, it is luongo who owes this city for his over rated contract, for all his abismal failures.Same with kesler, with edler, raymond, the list of “not goog enoughs” goes on.

    Nice guys dont win cups, guys who apologize for tough hits[ like rome] dont win cups,emotionally weak goalies dont win cups, twins who have the uncanny power of invisibility in the playoffs, dont win cups.
    It’s clear that iam not a fan of the canucks, but it doesnt matter cause the canucks troubles wont stop with me being a fan or not, despite what Aaron may think.

    There are alot of things that deserve support, the canucks are not one of them. In fact, the best thing for the team is for people to stop going to the games, that way, the team and management might smarten up. But after 40 years of doing nothing,i think iam not far off base to think that next year will be more of the same, but in a different form. cheers.

  • Mantastic

    kyle, im not from alberta. Why do bandwagoners like yourself assume things that clearly cannot even be proven? You think Gillis is successful? what is success for you my friend? Two presidents Choice cups? Every year a team wins that cup but too bad no one remembers a Presidents Choice winner.Mike |gillis is successful, compared to whom? Compared to the past Canucks managements? That is not a very high bar to set, friend.The only thing worse than choking in the first round is going to the seventh game and choking there, which the Canucks have accomplished with legendary status.Im sure someday in the far future, fans will be so proud of how luongo exploded like a baby diaper in the finals, and marvel at how Sedin stood up to Marchand by punching his glove with his face. I dont know about you Kyle, but id be pretty ashamed to call that team, my team.

    the canucks won the pres cup, ok, sounds good right.Understand this thoug, the regular season is just a dress rehearsal for the playoffs.In the regular season, the referees call everything, there is more room on the ice, players dont block shots or hit as much…something the Sedins or management have yet to come to terms with. The canucks fans and the org have such a hard time understanding that they are ” NOT GOOD ENOUGH” If this team couldnt do it in 5 years, what makes you think they will do it in the next year? Spray and pray.Hopes and dreams, unfortunately, based not on facts, not on 40 years of not winning, but based on blind hopes and emotions. Carolina has won the cup…they grow sugar cane and cotton down there and probaly have only ever see ice in their beverages, and even they have a cup. But hey, 40 years and 2 presidents choice cups, i geuss that’s pretty good enough, eh?