Canucks Even Strength Scoring Chance Totals 2011-12

Hi, remember how after every game, we’d post a game recap that would include a list of the scoring chance differential of every player? Well, throughout the year, we’d been counting them up, and we finally have some full numbers to share with you tonight.

Here is a table featuring the Vancouver Canucks scoring chance totals, + and -, for 2011-12 at even strength:

Naturally, there are many, many ways we can interpret this data. Time on ice rate, difficulty of minutes, we’ll probably be having some fun with this stuff in the coming days and presenting it in a number of different fashions.

Again, as we post in every game recap, a scoring chance is counted any time a team directs a shot cleanly on-net from within home-plate. Shots on goal and misses are counted, but blocked shots are not (unless the player who blocks the shot is “acting like a goaltender”). Generally speaking, we are more generous with the boundaries of home-plate if there is dangerous puck movement immediately preceding the scoring chance, or if the scoring chance is screened.

The “home-plate” is loosely defined by the image above.

  • Dmac

    Wow. Chris Tanev as well as Higgins jump out at me looking at this. Higgins was such an amazing pickup, and you can only expect Tanev to get even better.

    Canucks look good for years to come.

  • Dmac

    excellent work!
    So valuable.
    It would be great to see totals
    in 10 ten game splits still trying to figure out the crash in poss from game 34 to 55?
    Are we a top possession team as the first 34
    or the much lower team in the second half
    …not counting daniel’s games …
    maybe after playoffs?
    What do you think any explanation seeing that it is basically the same roster and that the poss drop occurred before trade deadline?

    Also, wish we had them from last year
    would be a great comparison.
    God Edler had a horrific season..are top D?
    I feel he missed ehrhoff…
    great work