Chicago Wolves Gamer – Recap and (some) data

A pretty good day at the office for Jordan Schroeder.
(Photo: Chris Jerina/AHL in Photos)

The Wolves roamed into Abbotsford on Thursday and accomplished something they’d been unable to do all season – grab a come-from-behind 3rd period win.

Jordan Schroeder led the way for Chicago with a pair of 2nd period goals, just 25 seconds apart, that put the Wolves into the lead. Playing in front of all the Canucks’ brass, the young Minnesotan was named the game’s first star.
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Both teams came roaring out of the gate, recording 20 chances between them in the first period, but play tightened up significantly as the game progressed.
After Abbotsford opened the scoring on 2-on-1 off a Mark Matheson turnover, Tim Miller scored a great shorthanded goal coming down the right side a wristing the puck to the left of Abbotsford goalie Leland Irving. Hugh Jessiman restored the Heat lead off a scramble in the slot.
Despite Abby’s lead, the Wolves carried the play, out chancing the home team 12-8. Even that number is kind to Abbotsford as three of their chances came in quick succession on a powerplay.
Five minutes after Schroeder’s outburst, Abbotsford levelled the score on a Joe Piskula goal. Shortly thereafter, Krys Kolanos had a puck roll to him at the top of the slot and he was able to take the world’s longest windup. Kolanos had so much time, he was able to play Mass Effect 3 in its entirety, spend time complaining about the ending, write several blog posts about it and also get over it.
Oh and Kolanos scored off his slapshot.
The second period was far tighter than the first, with the Wolves holding just a 5-4 edge in chances, although, again, the Heat got three of their chances on the powerplay.
The third was another tight period, with the Wolves out-chancing their hosts again. Two of the five Wolves chances came on the power play, while the Heat recorded all three of their chances in the last 5 minutes of the period.
The Wolves’ powerplay was masterful at moving the puck around, but on their first attempt of the period – and of the game – they didn’t do anything to disrupt the Heat’s penalty killing. The lesson appeared to be learned for their second opportunity, as Brad Hunt went straight to the slot and deflected a perfect pass from Steve Reinprecht to tie up the game. It was also his first professional goal.
Hunt said after the game that he thought going to the slot might be a good idea. 
"Just try to change it up, throw ’em a different look," he said. "I caught the goalie a bit off-guard, I guess."
The game went to overtime, which was dominated by Abbotsford 5-1, but no goals were scored.
Mark Mancari scored the only goal in the shootout, ripping a wrist shot past Irving after skating in with just one hand on his stick. Mancari’s shot was so forceful, several members of the assembled crowd were worried that Leland might have suffered serious burns from the heat plume left in the puck’s wake.
Kevin Connauton said that the chance to visit Rogers Arena for a Canucks game as well as getting to practise on the big team’s ice was a pretty good thing for the aspiring Canucks. 

"The playoffs are the most important time of the year, and to get momentum in any way possible is good."

March 29th lines
Rodin Bitz Mancari
Miller Reinprecht Haydar
Sweatt Schroeder Davies
Roussel Schneider Clackson
Connauton Baumgartner  
Sauve Henry  
Hunt Matheson  


  Scoring Chances
  Wolves Heat
1st 14:35 15:58
  13:21 10:23
  12:33 9:08
  12:20 6:55
  10:11 6:54
  7:37 6:44
  4:17 6:14
  3:34 1:45
2nd 17:54 8:48
  16:55 8:47
  14:49 8:17
  13:44 5:43
3rd 13:07 4:41
  12:54 3:57
PP 9:42 1:19
PP – G 7:23  
OT 1:45 4:03


  Zone Starts  
  Offensive Neutral Defensive
Schroeder 1 4 3
Connauton 3 2 4
Reinprecht 2 5 2
Bitz 4 6 0
Sauve 3 4 0
Rodin 4 6 0