Headshots March 26th

Mike Burnstein got Keslurked. Pass it to Bulis has more.

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An NHL scout called the Hodgson trade a "terrible deal" for the Canucks. No doubt it was a risky maneuver from Mike Gillis, but this is much is clear: Hodgson’s recent point streak aside, he’s just not ready to help teams win games yet. The real problem as I see it is that neither is Zack Kassian. 

Our pal Gay Canuck has a solid take on the Keith-Sedin episode, which, he dubs "le Liason Dangereuses."  

It has been confirmed that Daniel Sedin does indeed have a concussion. These things are unpredictable, but Canucks Nation will surely be watching the situation develop with bated breath. 

Get a Load of This Guy Break: deliriously over-happy Sharks fan (who has an uncanny resemblance with early 90s Dave Coulier) gets jeered by Canucks fan (Via @HarkonCanucks).

Cam Charron finds evidence that Alain Vigneault is using a more conservative team strategy this season than he used last year. Unsurprisingly, it isn’t working. I’ve always believed that this version of the Canucks are at their best when they’re unleashed on the forecheck, the prevent defense on the other hand only prevents winning.

Pass it to Bulis breaks down a post-game locker room video, that features the Canucks being loud and obnoxious while showing off their abs. In short, the Canucks dressing room after a win devolves into a crappy bro party.

Following a challenging four game road trip, the Canucks return home and are feeling pretty confident. That’s nice to hear, but actions speak louder than words. Let’s see if this supposed surge in team self-esteem translates into the club legitimately showing up tonight against the Los Angeles Kings.

  • Reg Dunlop

    This blaise attitude Van has toward the remainder of the regular season is understandable given that the ‘Nucks are concentrating on playoff prep. It is also troubling in that there is so little fan interaction on this site. Do fans care so little? Are they busy doing other things? I know they can’t be busy working, at least at jobs other than service industry or grow-ops.

    I am left to conclude that canuck fans are not real hockey fans like fans of the mighty Oil. What say you knuckleheads. Any response? Be better than your team, show some push back. Anyone? Thats what I thought.

    Go Oil.