Headshots March 5th

My favorite part of Saturday’s game was Booth retrieving the puck Kassian is posing with above.
Booth really likes rookie skaters.

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Bieksa’s "After Hours" appearance was Saturday’s best highlight. Best part was when he suggested that Jan Builis ("we traded him, right?") is the author of Pass it to Bulis. PiTB breaks down the segment.

Rob the Hockey Guy argues that Maxim Lapierre is the team’s "unsung hero" this season.

Stevie-Y was appointed to be the General Manager of the 2014 Canadian Olympic team. Good choice, but we’re still a couple of years away from launching our "take Burrows and Hamhuis" campaign.  

Nostalgia Blast: via (theyslayedthedragon)

This headline amused me "Gragnani happy with his power-play partners." You mean to tell me that this young defenseman is alright playing with the leagues best playmaker, two forty goal scorers and an all-star defenseman? I guess Rich Winter isn’t Gragnani’s agent.

Great stuff from Cam Charron on Chiarelli, Burke and money-puck.

If you enjoy disingenuous manipulation of stats, there’s a Nucksmisconduct fanpost that suggests that Cody Hodgson’s 22 year old rookie season (before the trade) is just as impressive as Crosby’s 100+ point 18 year old rookie season. Unhinged.