Cheers and Jeers – Mar 2nd

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It’s Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of… "Cheers and Jeers!"

This week, I give a high-five to the new Canucks, our man Ace and the Flying W, while I point and laugh at Ritch Winter and Devin Setoguchi.

JEERS to Ritch Winter, for not knowing when to shut up. In the wake of Monday’s blockbuster deal, Cody Hodgson’s agent took to Twitter and dug himself a deeper and deeper hole by continuing to comment on Hodgson’s interactions with Canucks coaching staff and management. Winter admitted that his camp asked the Canucks for more ice time for Cody. It was obvious to Canucks observers all season that Hodgson’s ice time was NOT going to increase. AV and his coaches are staunch believers in player deployment, and Winter’s request for more ice time flew in the face of that methodology. But don’t bother trying to find those tweets on Winter’s twitter account because he DELETED them all. Click the link above to see the Province’s breakdown of this mess that Winter caused for himself.

CHEERS to our man Ace, better known as @SuicidePass, for his Twitter rant regarding the Leafs on Thursday. It was a refreshing exercise in really smart fandom, and a shot across the bow at reactionary hockey fans calling for blood at the highest levels of team management. Every Canucks fan should remember this rant when their favourite team hits the skids, or when days seem dark. Great stuff, Ace.

JEERS to Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick for their on-air dust-up during a discussion of Eric Nystrom’s hit on Kris Letang. Normally, a heated discussion like this would warrant an automatic cheers, because I love this type of thing. But here are the many reasons why it’s a "Jeers". 1. It involved Milbury and Roenick, both of whom I despise because they are both utter morons. Milbury is the guy who called the Sedin twins Thelma and Louise and traded Spezza and Chara for Yashin whereas Roenick advocated that the Blackhawks trade Patrick Kane a month ago… Basically their opinions on hockey should never EVER be considered, other than for pure comedy. 2. The spat seemed staged. Forgive me for being a non-believer, but it seemed contrived. 3. If it WAS legit, these two would have started fighting. I mean, like, fists thrown and suit jackets pulled over heads and body shots and the whole bit. Why? Because they’re both moronic hot heads with a penchant for aggression. Milbury beat a fan with a shoe! You don’t think he would have taken a pop at JR? Of course he would have.

CHEERS to the Winnipeg Jets for pulling off a FIVE-ON-ONE last night against the Florida Panthers. The Flying W formation came streaking down the ice during the third period for the Jets’ fourth goal in a 7-0 romp. I want to see this in EVERY game now.

JEERS to Devin Setoguchi. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Watch his shootout attempt from last night in Montreal. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

CHEERS to the new additions to the Canucks roster: Zack Kassian, Sami Pahlsson, and Marc-Andre Gragnani. All three players made an impact on yesterday’s home win over the Blues. Kassian was a bear on the ice in limited ice-time, Pahlsson was a defensive juggernaut and Gragnani was offensive-zone rushing machine. If Kassian keeps up his play from last night, he’ll make Canucks fans forget about Hodgson in a real hurry.