Headshots February 21st

Beloved former Canuck Matthias Ohlund (pictured above with Naslund and the Sedins) will go under the knife on Thursday.

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Sad news out of Tampa Bay where Matthias Ohlund’s career is in serious jeopardy as a result of a knee injury. Here’s a description of the procedure he’s about to undergo (via the Tampa Bay Times): "The complicated procedure performed by noted orthopedist Anthony Miniaci will use a thin layer of titanium to resurface the bottom of the femur behind the kneecap. That should create a cushion where cartilage that usually covers the bone has flaked off to such an extent there is painful bone-on-bone rubbing at the patellofemoral joint." Awful news… Keep Ohlund in your thoughts.

The Hockey News’ Lyle Richardson rounds up the various rumours surrounding the Canucks as the trade deadline nears. On a similar note we launched our Trade Deadline Preview series today with an exhaustive "inventory" of what the Canucks need, what chips they have to play with, and what level of risk they should take on heading into "trade deadline season." This series will continue throughout the week! 

Tom Benjamin constructs a parlour game over at Canucks Corner, to demonstrate that the Canucks are only as good as the "system" allows them to be.

Infographic Break: theyslayedthedragon breaks down Burrows’ 500 NHL games:

David Johnson writes that zone-starts don’t really matter, Cam Charron and I (surprise, surprise) disagree.

Byron Bitz’s recent "hip-flexor soreness" is bad news, and the prognosis – or at least what we can glean about it from Vigneault’s comments today – is worrying.

Postmedia profiles the Salmon thrower from Saturday night’s Canucks Leafs tilt. Always remember to perfume your salmon kids.

Finally, Dan Hamhuis talks to the Tennessean’s Josh Cooper about Ryan Suter’s contract situation.