So which Chicago Blackhawk taunted Brendan Morrison?

“One guy that I know that was making comments from the benches is no longer there. For me really, it’s a dead issue. I don’t know of anybody else who said anything to me.”

Former beloved Vancouver Canuck Brendan Morrison, in speaking to reporters ahead of tonight’s game, addressed partially the issue that arose when a few bench players on the Chicago Blackhawks joked about Morrison limping off the ice after an injury sustained in a collision with Niklas Hjalmarsson.

Morrison, now obviously a Chicago Blackhawk, has put the incident behind him, but his quotes raise an interesting question. Which player was the culprit in the ordeal? You can see :28 seconds into the clip above that Morrison is turned toward the Chicago bench, probably hearing it from a member of the Hawks. Using the clues Morrison provided, can we figure out which Blackhawk player was guilty?

If Morrison is correct, it was a player who is no longer with Chicago. Using the game’s box score, we can narrow the list down to players who are currently not listed with the Blackhawks anymore: Chris Campoli, Ryan Johnson, Troy Brouwer, Jacob Dowell, Brian Campbell an Tomas Kopecky.

We can already eliminate Brouwer, Dowell and Campbell, who were playing at the time of the hit at 8:18 to go in the third period of that game. That leaves us with the following:

-Chris Campoli

-Ryan Johnson

-Tomas Kopecky

The article above claims that it was “several of the younger” players on the Blackhawks, which can probably eliminate the 34-year old Ryan Johnson. Let’s take a look at the screen shot, which I believe holds the clue. Morrison would be looking in the direction of whichever players are ragging on him for being hurt.

You can see Morrison looking in the other direction, at the defensive side of the bench (closer to the Chicago net) and the Blackhawks in the frame interested in Morrison appear to be Johnson (#17) or Jonathan Toews (with the captain’s “C”). I highly doubt either of them would yell at an injured player. Kopecky (#82) is sitting next to Johnson and appears quite distant.

(As an aside, how do you chirp a guy with an obvious injury? “Hahahaha! Your knee is busted you wimp!”)

So it was the 26-year old Chris Campoli, apparently. However, Campoli missed 8 games with a knee injury when he was in Ottawa.

Either Chris Campoli has a dismissive memory, or the player in question is still with the team and Morrison has thrown the incident under the rug for it not to be a distraction.