You Know What I Hate?! – Jan 10

Brad Marchand is angry. Not here… Here, he’s clearly a stupid, drunken mess.
But he’s angry today. And so am I. But I’m guessing we’re not angry about the same things.
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Today I continue my weekly feature of me venting and raging on stupid crap happening with the Canucks, their fans and around the NHL. Two things about feature… 1) It will appear (hopefully) every Monday, and 2) It is blatantly ripped off from a stand-up bit from comedian Craig Anton. On either point, I make no apologies. Enjoy. Or don’t.

This week’s edition is the Brad Marchand Special Edition and luckily he’s giving folks plenty of material to use to hate him.

You know what I hate?! Brad Marchand’s cheap, dirty low-bridge hit on Sami Salo. As Alain Vigneault said, that’s the kind of hit that can end careers. His suspension is well deserved. His adamant, unrelenting defence of his actions has become comical now.

You know what I hate?! Anyone who defended that hit, which is pretty much limited to Bruins fans and media. Even FORMER Bruins (Aaron Ward spoke on the TEAM1040 yesterday) think that was a dirty, unnecessary hit. In fact, I haven’t yet found a single person not associated with the Bruins in some direct way that has defended that play. That tells you all you need to know.

You know what I hate?! Brad Marchand’s ESPN Boston blog entry from yesterday. Is he kidding!? No, seriously… Is he kidding? Is this some kind of ironic performance art? Did he really say that "they don’t know hockey" when discussing his suspension!? If I’m Brendan Shanahan and I just read that blog, all I can think to myself is, "Oh now it’s ON, dummy!". What on Earth did Marchand think he was accomplishing by insulting the NHL and its ruling? He’s a repeat offender and has now spoken up AGAINST the league’s disciplinarian. He’s going to have the book handed to him at his next hearing.

You know what I hate?! Canucks fans/media who are decrying what Peter Chiarelli and Claude Julien about the Canucks. I’m not talking about either of them defending Marchand’s hit, because that’s clearly ridiculous. I’m talking about the banter going back and forth between each team about the other. Stop complaining that they are hypocrites and that they’re whining. The Canucks are of course the whiniest, most hypocritical team in the league, so don’t bother going down that road. And if Gillis and Vigneault were speaking about a hit that Alex Burrows, you’d have no problem if Gillis said that Chiarelli was lobbying to get a further suspension. Oh wait… Didn’t that already happen? Horton and his SEVERE concussion? Yeah. Stop complaining, Canucks fans. We’ve already been down that road. Every team lobbies. Every team’s manager and coach cries foul when a suspendable  incident happens. This is all just white noise and fodder for the press. And don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate the fact that both sides are chirping at each other and about each other. I find it highly entertaining. What I hate is that there is a good chunk of Canucks fans that are bitching and complaining about the Bruins’ statement. Just shut up about it. Your team is doing it too. Just read it and enjoy.

You know what I hate?! Brad Marchand isn’t going to change a goddamn thing. He isn’t going to learn a lesson here. He isn’t going to avoid clipping someone again. In fact, he’ll do it again this season. He think the NHL doesn’t know the rules. And unfortunately, Brad Marchand is going to keep on keeping on. Dirty rats are never kicked out of the league. Ken Linesman, Claude Lemieux, Jaarko Ruutu, Matt Cooke… They all had long careers and continue to do so, all while ending a few along the way. You can officially add Brad Marchand to that list now.

  • Stocc

    And take Cooke off the list. He has really redeemed himself this year. Hopefully Brad will see that you can still be effective without hurting people.

    I think Cooke has like 8 PIMs this year!

    • Cooke is obviously on there for his past transgressions.
      But I’ve said this several times today. EVERY fibre of my being believes Matt Cooke will lapse and regress to being a dirty, dangerous – when push comes to shove. This is just a temporary modification in his behaviour.

  • No, but, you’re missing the point on Van fans and media and team being pissed off at Chiarelli et cetera. We’re ALLOWED to be pissed of and we’re ALLOWED to say stuff because it’s tit for tat, man. If they’re going to run around with that totally manic out to lunch Boston/US media and create that perception of the team, management, city and fans why should it not come back? I’m not a big fan of turn the other cheek at all, and the way the Boston media has twisted and turned absolutely every statement, fact and incident to be anti-Vancouver and pro-Bruin — I say let em have it. Actually, I’m a bit tired of it all, so time to move on. Wait, I am completely amazed at Marchand’s blog. How does he get away with this? Can you imagine if every player did this?

    • I’m not mad at Canucks fans for being pissy about the Bruins. But so MANY of them are acting like the Canucks (ie. AV mostly) are totally innocent here. They’re NOT. My gripe is that a LOT of Canucks fans think that this is entirely one-sided.
      That’s all.

      Trust me, I am thoroughly enjoying EVERYTHING that has come out of the Bruins camp over the past few days.

      And regarding your question on Marchand’s blog… I have NO IDEA how he thinks he’s going to get away with that. But I also don’t understand how he believes anything that he wrote, either. But I’m SO GLAD he wrote it. And that it’s out there for all to read. The more they talk, the larger the hole they’re digging for themselves. And they just. keep. talking.

  • Haha Ballard and Hamhuis threw the EXACT same hits in last year’s play offs.

    For Vancouver fans to open their mouth now is hippocritical and stupid. The sedin’s should be allowed to offer their opinion on hitting because if they had their way they would take contact out of the game.

    Boston is a better team… good thing you guys have 20 minutes of powerplay time to score 4 goals…

    • Hi jr_christ,

      Thanks for reading!

      No, Ballard and Hamhuis did not throw the exact same hit last year. Both were deemed hip checks while the opposing players had the puck. Even still, Ballard was indeed penalized on the play, but no further discipline was handed down on that particular incident.

      And Brendan Shanahan made sure to explicitly point that out in the suspension video where he explained why Marchand received the suspension that he did.
      Have you seen the video? If not, here is a link so you can see Shanahan’s explanation.

      Cheers and thanks again for reading.

      • naw… they were the same hits.

        TSN broke down all three hits 2 nights ago on TV and showed that the only difference was that Salo was in the midst of throwing a hit which was why he flipped like an idiot over the tiny Marchand.

        Good luck in the play offs this year and keep writing good articles. Always nice to read this BS and continue to build hatred towards your sissy players.

    • Far be it from me to debate with our Savior and all…but I thought Shanny made it quite clear what a predatory hit is, and what a hip check is too. He even through in an explanation of a defensive “bail” that is what the Raymond play was ( not even a hit, but an avoidance of one )

      Yes, the power play is good, thank you for noticing.