Ten years ago today we were sitting at the breakfast table getting ready to match wits with a class at the U of A. The entire family was watching BBC News when they announced that a plane had accidentally crashed into the World Trade Center. As they cut to live footage and commentary, it was a matter of minutes until we saw the second plane crash into the second tower live.

It’s odd when one witnesses something of that magnitude, the mind remembers the strangest things as things are happening so fast. We can recall the commentator on TV going completely quiet as the plane hit the second tower and several seconds of silence on the air.

We recall being struck by how serious things must have just gotten that the News Anchor has been struck completely silent. The rest of the day was a blur but the scariest thing we heard that entire awful day was the sound of on air silence and that memory will stay with us for a long, long time.

In the 10 years since it hasn’t gotten any easier to wrap our brains around what happened that day.

This is a place of hockey and nonsensery and not the place for any in depth 9-11 coverage. But we would be remiss on the 10th anniversary of that terrible morning if we didn’t put something up in tribute to all of the men and women that lost a loved one, a co-worker or their very lives that morning.

Leave some comments of where you were 10 years ago today if you feel so inclined.


  • paul wodehouse

    6:50 a.m. September 11 2001…I stick my head into my son’s bedroom and bark…”Jordy get up…a plane’s hit the twin towers in NewYork”…my son had just got back from a tour with his band in August and had been to Manhattan doing the tourist thing after a show with friends there so i thought he needed to see this news on CNN…just as he sat down bleary eyed in the living room the second plane hit the south tower and he yelled W…T..F…!!!Is this some kinda f…..’ joke???are they filming a movie there? WTF!!! He immediately got on the phone and called a gf there who lived in the Bronx…they spoke on the phone until the dust and smoke forced her out of her apartment and away from the area…we both stayed glued to the tube all day and into the night…i made breakfast, he napped into the afternoon and we split three big pizzas that evening when his band came over to watch the events replay over and over again…little did i know that nine months and two days later i would have my own personal 9/11 when Jordan, my only child was killed on a dark interstate in Alabama at just before 2am by an impaired driver…watching each morning on 9/11 over these last ten years has always been painful but i’ll be having my own ten year anniversary of his death next year in june…i know how all those dads feel about the horrendous loss of their sweet sons & daughters…none of this is easy, thankyou for asking where we all were that morning Wanye, it matters that you care…

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    Conspiracy theories abound . Was it a staged demolition by mercenaries , etc. ? Strange things with President Bush and Pentagon and/or Whitehouse that followed that day of disbelief. I don’t know if i’d put any weight in them . I know i thougth i was watching one of those soap operas when i first saw what was happening . Later on it was obvious we were not .

    • paul wodehouse

      …have you seen ‘loose change’ ?

      …the ultimate conspiracy theory…some of it makes me wonder whether George Dubya Bush was at the centre of it all…he, like his dad, is a war monger and when i hear over and over again how sh*t happened prior to 9/11 it makes me think if this War on Terror was all a designed play…

      • Wax Man Riley

        Loose Change is a good and very in depth look at the events of 9/11. I recommend it.

        Zeitgeist: The Movie is a documentary that changed my life. It changed the way that I looked at the world, and the way that I think about those in power. From 9/11 to our monetary system, it helped to open my eyes.

        WARNING: It is extremely slanted and biased (as only a good documentary can be), so watch it with an open mind, and do your own research. Do not take it as the be-all and end-all of truth just as I suggest don’t take the evening news as the be-all and end-all as well. I suggest the above documentary as a different way, another option, or an alternative perspective to view the world that has been put up around you.

        Edit: they have expanded the movie, so sit past the first 11 minutes. Then it gets started

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    I was at work doing deliveries when I heard the story break. I found a TV in time to see the second plane hit. Needless to say, not much work got done that day.

    In the 10 years since the war on terror began, 162 (maybe more, unsure of the true number) Canadian servicemen and women paid the ultimate sacrifice. One of which was my friend. R.I.P. MCpl Ray Arndt.

    Al-Qaida tried to strike fear in us. Guess what, THEY FAILED. We have rallied like we were down 3 with 5:00 to go in the 3rd, and we are stronger now than ever before.

    God Bless FDNYPD

    God Bless the Canadian Armed Forces

  • I was driving in my service truck when I heard of the first plane hit and I was confused of how that could happen. It wasn’t until the second plane hit that we all knew that this was serious. i returned home forgetting work and watched it all unfold on T.V. I remember feeling disbelief about what happened and not understanding how a plane could cause a building to collapse exactly like that on both buildings. It was until years later I heard the truth of the planned demolition. RIP all those souls that were betrayed by the US Government.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    I was on my usual crappy drive to NAIT when news started to trickle in about the first plane hitting. As i walked into NAIT, i distinctly recall thinking to myself how weird it was that someone would fly their little 2 seater into a building.

    One of my buddies came in, late for class as usual, but this time was different. Classes at NAIT that morning literally stopped, and people gathered around campus wherever they could find a TV or radio. We left early that day, and sat in front of the tv, literally frozen in disbelief.

    I feel sorry for all those the people who lost their lives that day, or had friends/family that died.

    I do, however, feel a huge sense of pride when i see all the people who rushed into the buildings, or stayed behind to help while literally thousands were running the opposite way. To see people step up and put themselves in that kind of danger without hesitation is, to me, awesome.

    –insert soapbox comment referencing Jon Stewart and Denis Leary having it right here–

  • westy

    I had turned on the news in the morning as I was eating breakfast and getting ready for work. I was in a celebratory mood as I had been hired as a high school social studies teacher exactly one year earlier, then the reports started to come in of an accident involving a plane hitting the WTC tower. I remember thinking this was some idiot in a cesna that either didn’t know what he was doing or had a ex-girlfriend working on one of the floors (there had been a guy that flew his cesna into an ex-girlfriends house in Edmonton, I think). Then the second plane hit as reports of the first tower being on fire were coming in.

    I remained glued to the TV as the implications of what was happening were becoming clear. I bolted for work, head for my classroom and turned the TV on. What kind of social studies teacher would I have been if I hadn’t let my students watch history being made right before them. I remember many of the conversations I had with confused students that day, but the one that I hope they remember is that there aren’t very many days in one’s life that you can look at and know that from this day forward the entire world will never be the same. September 11, 2001 was certainly one of those days.

  • I’ll never forget my mom banging on my door and me awakening to the scream of them”we’re under attack, they’re bombing New York.” As i woke up and opened the door i knew something was very wrong wheni seen her face. As we rushed up the stairs and just as i turned the corner to see the the tv the second plane hit. I was gutted, couldn’t even comprehend what was happening. So many questions. Sitting there and watching as more unexplainable events occurred we received a phone call from my relatives in Ireland. One cousin was enroute to nyc and another lived blocks away from the world trade centre. It hit home when my aunt was in full panic mode. It seemed to become more personal. We found out that my one cousin had landed in Gander and was safe and sound. It wasn’t till late at night that my other cousin was found to be alive and well. She works late hours in a Manhattan bar and sleeps most of the day, she amazingly slept right through it. I’ll never forget my mothers face that day. R.I.P.

  • unca miltie

    I was in my car on my way to work when I heard about it on the radio. Phoned my wife and told her to turn on the tv. Continued on to work and listened on the radio at work the rest of the day.

    I remember sitting glued to the tv all night that night just in amazement.

    fyi. I was in school when Kennedy was shot. We listened to the radio in class all that day too. The two biggest news stories of my lifetime and both on the radio.

  • Was in coffee room when first hit , and remarked what’s this a kimakazee pilot ? How can pilot be so stupid as to hit one of those to begin with ? Most everyone in the room felt same way . Laughable , as some thought it was just being staged – a t.v. hoax or something . Back out to work floor only to pop back in to see if fire put out , only to see a second plane hit other building . WAS THIS A JOKE ? Figured there is no way building could collapse , yet had this creepy feeling it might for some reason . Sure enough that’s exactly what happened to everyones surprise . Only then did it dawn this was serious and real . It just didn’t feel real until the first tower collapsed . Even the collappsing seemed more like a staged demolition than an actual attack of any sort . We all went back to work to finish our duties . Never really sunk in until later that day for almost all of us until lunch break . How could those buildings collapse in that manner – it still felt as though it was a staged demolition at that time . Confusing even to this day , and wonder about a third building that did much the same apparantly on backside of Towers that seems to not get mentioned . Tragic as it turned out few of us comtimplated it was real at first .

  • Vintage Flame

    I remember I was playing an early morning game of Hockey in Calgary.

    This guy came late and sat on the bench, was quiet at first, didn’t say a word. All of a sudden he turns to us and says, “So a plane hit the World Trade Center.” He paused.

    We said, “And…”

    Then he said, “.. and then another one did.”

    We looked at him and said, “You know, if this a joke, you are really bad at telling them..”

    He cut us off, and said that it wasn’t a joke..
    I remember everyone on the ice and both benches just stopping. We all filed off the ice and asked the rink to open the lounge even though it was about 9:30…

    We all know what happened later over the course of the day.

  • I had CNN on in my sunroom as I was getting ready to drive out to Sherwood Park for the first day of Oilers training camp. I saw the news report on the tube and thought there had been a terrible accident at the WTC.

    I was watching the coverage when the second plane hit. I remember muttering, “Oh no” and feeling disbelief, then confusion at the realization this was no accident. Why? Who?

    The morning became a blur after that as I clicked into reporter mode. Traded calls with Todd Marchant, whose brother Terry commuted to New York from Buffalo daily in the mornings.

    I tried to find out who, if anybody, with Oiler connections worked in the area of the WTC etc. Later, I heard about Garnet Bailey and Mark Bavis. Felt sick. I remember thinking, ‘I bet Ace fought them. No way he sat still for this.’ I was angry.

    I was writing with tears in my eyes when I saw footage of people leaping from the towers and I flat-out cried like a baby when the first tower eventually came down. I couldn’t put context or sense to anything I was seeing.

    I will never, ever forget that day. How could you?

  • I was in Australia. I awoke on September 12th to the chaos back home. I had just stumbled downstairs in time to watch the second tower fall.
    It was odd to have something hit so close to home yet to be on the other side of the world. It had a strong impact on the Australians though and we listened to radio reports all day at work.

  • YFC Prez

    In a mall in Calgary, there was about 150 people lined up outside an electronics store watching the TV. I knew something was up but never expected to see something of that magnitude. I’ve never felt that uneasy before or since. RIP all the souls lost that day