Headshots December 7th

Les Boys on a visit to BC Children’s Hospital This Week.

Headshots are a Canucks Army feature where we link to the day’s freshest news, and other assorted Canucks web-goodies. If you’ve written a blogpost, produced a tribute video or birthed a clever .gif into existence – please e-mail me at thom.drance@gmail.com.

The Canucks were so desperate to find an ECHL affiliate that they’ve made up a place they’re calling "Kalamazoo" and pretending there is a team called "The Wings" there. Might as well call the made-up team: "the Kalamazoo Wag the Dogs." What was Wala-Wala unavailable? Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s game between Kalamazoo and Climax Springs.

From Canucks.nhl.com – an article about Denmark’s WJC team, and how it will be led by Canucks 2011 first round pick Nicklas Jensen. Jensen is having a productive season on an inconsistent Oshawa team, and partly because of his stellar play last season, Denmark will play the first class at the World U20 Hockey Championships. Good luck to Jensen, in a division that features both the US and Canada, the Danish power-forward will likely need it!

Harrison Mooney has a look at Daniel Sedin’s hat-trick last night, and asks the question: "Was it his prettiest hat-trick ever?" YOU DECIDE! Well, actually he decides, but feel free to tell him how you feel in the comments.

GIF Break: Someone pranks Hansen off camera. Safe money: the hand belongs to one of Ryan Kesler or Keith Ballard. (Via TaylorPyatt).


I had a good time chuckling to The Stanchion’s "Fun Picture Time" over at the newly constituted Legion of Blog.

Tony Gallagher urges the Canucks to play tougher, or risk further injuries to their most important players. Never mind that there’s no evidence for the idea that fighting helps reduce injuries to your star players…

Finally you can "buy" the tooth Bieksa lost yesterday on craigslist. Also an option: you can just have a casual encounter with it – no strings attached!