John Cullen Joins the Army, Gives Cliche Filled Interview

Hello loyal Canucks Army Readers!

Welcome your new General (editors note: he means private). It has been a week since I lost the #ReplacetheKB in a fixed narrow defeat. But, just like any good blogger, I’m bouncing back, and am all too excited to be part of the Canucks Army crew.

I look forward to bringing you the straight goods on the Canucks every Wednesday. In this space you’ll have unfettered access to my sharp sense of humor and keen eye for detail. I’ll be posting videos, writing columns, fleshing out Canucks bromances, and just generally dominating, because let’s face it, I’m John f**king Cullen.

And I’ll need your comments. So, so bad. Please approve of me. I can’t handle two major losses in one week. I’ll cry.

So enjoy this introductory video, and look forward to many more. I personally can’t wait.