Cheers and Jeers – Nov 25

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It’s Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers.

This week, I tell Sens’ fans to look WITH THEIR EYES, the Province for missing out on Drancey magic, and I stray from hockey and tell Suh to wake the f*** up.

JEERS to Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh for his ridiculous stomp on Packers center Evan Dietrich-Smith.What’s more asinine his Suh’s insistence on denying that what he did was malicious or even wrong. What a freakin’ a-hole. Suh now has a rap sheet of indecent activity on the football, proving (despite his denials) that he is a truly dirty player. Not only was hit a horribly dirty play, but he cost his team a chance to get back and possibly win the game. He needs to own this. He needs to admit what he did, be a man and stop hiding behind God and his mama as reasons why he can’t be judged by the media or the NFL. Wrong, pal. Roger Goddell CAN and WILL act as your judge, jury and executioner. Goddell will surely suspend Suh and hopefully for several games. Upon his return, watch for Suh to sneakily open a bench door for an opposing player to fall through.

CHEERS to a new radio shows that started this week and has belted it out of the park. Here in Vancouver, Matt Sekeres and Blake Price took over the mid-day show on Team 1040 and have brought a listenable, entertaining and interesting show back to the 10-2 slot. THANK GOD. It was beginning to get re-godamn-diculous with the insufferable and unknowledgable name-dropper Moj. HE GONE! And Sekeres and Price are well worth the listen. Kudos, guys.

JEERS to Ottawa Senators’ fans for claiming that Alex Burrows purposely and deliberately opened the Canucks bench door through which Jesse Winchester fell, following a hit from Max Lapierre. Both of Burrows hands were on the TOP of the door… which HAS A LATCH. So unless Burrows is some type of magician, or has a previously unreported third hand, or has an incredibly agile nether region, there’s OBVIOUSLY no way that Burr opened the door. And that’s besides the fact that Burrows and Winchester are good friends!

CHEERS to I LOVE this site. I love graphical analysis and statistical visualizations. Nobody has better a better site for visualizing interesting and topical hockey stats than SixteenWins. It’s not meant for in-depth visualizations of Corsi or Adjusted Fenwick numbers (sorry Cam), but if you want highly-polished infographics about hockey, go here. Want a sample of their handy work that hits close to home? Go check their graphic showcasing Canucks jerseys through the ages.

JEERS to the Province for NOT choosing our fearless leader, and managing editor of Canucks Army, Thomas Drance, as one of their new Canucks Bloggers. FOR SHAME! While we at CanucksArmy are secretly happy at this decision because it means that we get to have more of Drance’s magic, the Province are truly missing out on having one of the innerweb’s best canucks bloggers writing for them. Your loss, suckers!


CHEERS to CanucksArmy’s own Cam Charron and The Stanchion, as well as Jordan Bowman and Steve Shalagan, for being selected to REPLACE THE KB as the Province’s new Canucks bloggers. We are, of course, especially proud of Stat-Cam and Stanchy, as CanucksArmy will be well-represented with BC’s most comprehensive sports coverage. We’re taking over kids. Slowly but surely, we’re taking over.