Headshots November 15th

What do you mean my last two games weren’t my best as a Canuck?

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The big news today? Roberto Luongo is out with with a mysterious upper-body groin injury that unconfirmed reports have blamed on Bruins winger Milan Lucic. As a result Cory Schneider starts Wednesday against Chicago, and the charismatic tall drink of water known as Eddie Lack will be called up to dress as a backup.

The reason the Canucks are obfuscating the nature of Luongo’s injury? The Canucks believe the NHL’s recent handling of the Ryan Miller/Lucic incident has created an "open season" environment on running netminders. Well either that, or AV just wanted to take a shot at the Bruins.

Burrows and Higgins also chimed in on the Milan Lucic-Ryan Smith hit… I get the feeling that the Canucks are none too fond of the Bruins.

GIF BREAK: What’s more amusing than Henrik and Daniel racing whilst sporting roller blades? The correct answer is nothing. (via taylorpyatt.tumblr.com)

Gordon Macintyre writes that Alex Edler is focussing on trying to bring consistency to his game, which, is great. When you think about how complete his skill set is (big hits, crazy dangles, his hard, accurate shot), I’m not sure there are five defenders in the world with more pure talent than Alex Edler. If he can bring his physical game with a bit more consistency, look out. 

Early returns on the Jannik Hansen – Sedin twins line are very promising. 

Finally, you can go vote on which Chicago Blackhawk you dislike the most courtesy the Vancouver Sun.