Headshots November 8th

Sick method Dale! Kudos to Harrison Mooney on these photoshops.

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Looks like Mason Raymond is unbelievably close to a return to action. Not only did he join the team in California this week, but he participated in a few on-ice drills and then participated in contact drills. To ask the question everyone else is too afraid to ask: when exactly did Mason Raymond join Department H? Just the best news.

Mike Gillis goes out on a limb and defends one of the best coaches in the league. I wrote 1000 words in defense of Vigneault today if you have about 45 minutes and need something to read.

Jason Botchford has a good take throwing some cold water on the idea that the Canucks power-play is the answer to all of life’s problems. 

Gif Break: BREAKING NEWS: Aaron Rome is Wario! Via sedintwins.tumblr.com

Cam Charron isn’t saying David Booth is unlucky, just that he maybe should have thought twice before he crossed that black-cat’s path on 13th and Oak while walking under a ladder that fell and caused a truck carrying salt (all of which spilled), mirrors (all of which broke) and umbrellas (all of which bounced into a nearby window and opened up inside).

Want to go on a cruise with Canucks alumni? Because you can if you want

Jordan Clarke is a Canucks blogger worth following, here’s his take on Sunday’s game, and why it meant more to the Canucks than two measly points