Headshots All Luongo, All the Damn Time Edition

If you missed it, here’s the pre-game video honouring Rick Rypien. I love how it ends with Rypien pumping up the crowd. 

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Lots of discussion about Luongo today – as per usual – in the Vancouver market. Harrison Mooney doesn’t blame Luongo for the four goals allowed on fewer than twenty shots yesterday evening, while Cam Charron looks at saved scoring chances and concludes that Luongo has to be better.

PHT wrote about the city of Vancouver’s "toxic relationship" with Roberto Luongo, and its basis in past playoff failures.

Meanwhile, the Province’s Ed Wiles urges the city of Vancouver to "rally around" their embattled, elite net-minder. After all, he’s not going anywhere and he’ll continue to get the majority of the starts.

VIDEO BREAK: Somehow Stanchions have evolved past being simple inanimate objects, and have seemingly learned to use video editing software… 

Greg Wyshynski over at Puck Daddy looks into the puritan hysterics of the Roberto Luongo poker controversy. Because if there’s one thing Luongo really needs more of, it’s clearly controversy. 

Ted Gruber over a The Instigator Blog writes that Eddie Lack, despite his otherwise solid play, has been shaky in shootouts. Sounds like he’s Canucks ready to me!

Finally, 570 people HATE the Vancouver Canucks on Facebook. Aww pour buggers need a hug. Remember folks, beyond simply embracing the hate, we also have to embrace the haters. That is, unless they tell you "no don’t hug me", then just hold off on the embrace, but still let them know you really like them anyways. Just without physical contact.