Headshots September 23

Looks like the Canucks are going to great lengths to restrain Alex Burrows from gnawing on anybody this pre-season.

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At Puck Daddy, Harrison Mooney has a really good post about Mike Gillis’ new favorite CBA loophole, and how the Canucks general manager is abusing it. Mike Gillis is to abusing loop-holes as the majority of professional hockey players are to abusing cliches in interviews – they seemingly can’t help themselves.

From Ben Kuzma, "Hordichuk believes Bruins win saved the day for Enforcers." Yet another reason why it really, really sucks that the B’s hoisted the cup last June.

Cam Charron debuted his "noon number" series this week over at Nucksmisconduct, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Today he took on changes in the way supplementary discipline is being handled by the new Sheriff, Brendan Shanahan.

GIF BREAK: Fin rubs Canucks Assistant Coach Darryl Williams’ head for good luck in between periods. gif courtesy taylorpyatt.tumblr.com.

If you helped clean up after the Stanley Cup Riot, the Canucks want to thank you. Check out miss604 for more details.

Over at PassittoBulis Daniel Wagner evaluates a list of possible Raffi Torres replacements on a scale of one Raffi to five Raffis. Mike Duco is currently in the lead with 4 Raffi’s, but he’s benefitting from an inordinate level of Raffi-zone deployment. When you correct for that, Steve Pinozotto is the Raffiest of the bunch. 

Finally Botchford catches up with Mason Raymond whose timetable for return is understandably uncertain. His injury sounds like it took a lot out of him mentally and physically, and the rehab sounds intense, long and gruesome. Really just a brutal situation, but we wish him the best. Heal up Mason.