Bruins Pass on Free Shots from Famous Canucks Fan

Deadspin by way of the Boston Herald, broke the big news today that the Boston Bruins refused to accept a round of 22 shots from "movie star" Ryan Reynolds. As the story goes, Reynolds and the Bruins engaged in some banter over the result of the finals, afterwards Ryan Reynolds bought the team shots as a peace offering. The Bruins "spitefully" refused the drinks and instead gave them to a bunch of ladies at a Bachelorette party who, I’m sure, would’ve rather had the opportunity to touch Reynolds’ abs and hear stories about what it was like to hook up with Alanis Morisette. 

Here’s a list of possible reasons the Bruins refused Reynolds’ shots, and gave them to a nearby Bachelorette Party:

  • By way of our friends the Gahdengremlins – the Bruins were wise to turndown the offered shots because based on his behavior in past films, Reynolds’ likely spiked the tequilla.
  • Ryan Reynolds – like the Boston police – didn’t know who Milan Lucic was.
  • Ryan Reynolds was wearing his Green Lantern suit in the bar (he does that) and the Bruins mistook his costume as a Greenman suit.
  • The ladies at the Bachelorette party were wicked hawt.
  • Nathan "apology snob" Horton thought "buying shots" was a weak way to show remorse. "You might as well have texted us bro!" 
  • "Bachelorette Party" is the team’s new nickname for Brad Marchand.