Headshots September 2nd

Burrows kind of looks hungry in this image (via trevorlinden.tumblr.com).

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This video is a 5 minute highlight package containing 40 years of Canucks history, and it’s awesome. Watch it quickly before UMG and the Canucks file their copyright complaints and take it down. At the final stages of a tough offseason, and with many Canucks fans still not over the disappointment of the game 7 loss – or the actions of *some* in the fan-base following it – this is just what the doctor ordered.

Jeff Angus of Dobber Hockey is back on board the Cody Hodgson bandwagon, and has high hopes for the young pivot. 

Cam Charron builds off of Bill James’ Pythagorean Expectation and applies it to hockey. Interesting stuff

Over at Puck Daddy, Harrison Mooney hypothesizes that the winner of the President’s Trophy is usually the legitimate contender that plays in the leagues weakest division. I guess the Canucks have a shot at repeating then!

GIF BREAK: KES MAKES YOU DIZZY ! (Again via trevorlinden.tumblr.com)

The Canadian Press via TSN catches up with a healthy Marco Sturm who is eager to rebuild his NHL value – and hopefully pot a bunch of goals for the Canucks. 

Also from TSN – the Canucks hope to do what they can to raise awareness about mental health issues. Good on Gillis and Co. – I hope their commitment is more than just lip-service (and I suspect it is), because this is a vitally important and far too often ignored issue facing hockey, and society as a whole.