CA Podcast Episode 11


We’re back this week with the eleventh episode of the CanucksArmy Podcast! My guest this week is hot-shot blogger Harrison Mooney, who co-founded Pass it to Bulis just 16 months ago and has recently joined Puck Daddy as an associate editor! Above is one of the best examples of why Mr. Mooney qualifies as a fricking genius! BLANKA!

Not only is Mr. Mooney quickly establishing himself as one of the best hockey humour writers in the business – he’s also one of the nicest guys you could ever have the pleasure of talking to. It being late August, we mostly talked PiTB and joked around about Mike Duco, Anthony Stewart, Zombies and Kesler v. Mangold – but we got a few minutes of puck talk in at the end! We also talked at length about the Canucks Preview Magazine that you can order now from Maple Street Press. It’s really, really awesome – so you should go order it.

As usual you can stream the podcast from this post:

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Or download an mp3 of the podcast here.

We’ll be back next week, and we’ll have actual hockey (the Canucks rookie tournament!) to discuss. Stoked.