Headshots August 31st

Dan Hamhuis reals in a big one via @canucksfin.

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Passittobulis – who have repeatedly demonstrated their prowess as ace documentarians of Twitter controversy – take aim at the Nick Mangold – Ryan Kesler interview bomber title clash.

Yankee Canuck takes a look at what Canucks team records the top-line could surpass this season.

The Canucks announced that Al Murdoch and John Ashbridge will take on PA Announcing duties at Rogers Arena this season.

GIF BREAK Towel Waiving! Courtesy trevorlinden.tumblr.com.

The Kurtenblog has a take on Todd Fedoruk being grateful for the opportunity to crack the Canucks roster this season. 

CopperandBlue on individual point percentage for defenseman – oddly enough – Andrew Alberts was the Canucks team leader last season. Would not have guessed that. 

Finally theyslayedthedragon.tumblr.com is producing some pretty cool infographics in honour of every Canucks season in franchise history. Here’s today’s submission. Really cool project, very well executed.