Cheers and Jeers – Vol. 4

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It’s Friday. We close out the Week That Was with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers.

We start this week with Canucks fans’ newest lightning rod for disdain, Daniel Carcillo.

JEERS to Daniel Carcillo for his rampant stupidity inability to remember current lineups major gaffe during his press conference with his new club, the Chicago Blackhawks. First, he spent time during his press conference to call out several members of the Canucks, which only proves that he has joined the rest of his team in their unhealthy obsession with their newly found rival. But he didn’t call ANY of the Canucks out properly. He called out "Laperriere, Glass and Torres" and players with whom he’d like to "put back in their shoes". Here’s the video of his knuckleheadedness. Yeah, so Glass and Torres don’t play for the Canucks anymore, having signed with Winnioeg and Phoenix, respectively. And he meant to Lapierre, but had to be corrected by a member of the press. Dude, if you’re gonna call out an opposing team and single out players… GET THE PLAYERS RIGHT.

CHEERS to former Canuck AND Blackhawk Brent Sopel for his openminded attitude in playing in Russia. In an interview with Andrey Osadchenko, Sopel expressed his excitement with his upcoming new experiences and the opportunities they were about to offer him. The NHL definitely needs more Sopel and less Carcillo.

JEERS to the continuing narrative of Vancouver as Riot Town. Jeers to ANYONE who compared the London riots to what happened in Vancouver. The situation last mere hours, was concentrated to only a few streets, was spearheaded by a few hundred individuals, blanketed mostly in stupidity, and was almost entirely cleaned up less than 24 hours later. Can you find ANY similarities between than and the massive civil unrest in England right now? I sure can’t. So STFU when you mention Vancouver and London in the same breath. Ours is done and dusted and is now in the incapable hands of the law.

CHEERS to Gord McIntyre for his take on the ongoing Canucks/Blackhawks rivalry. Fuelled by Carcillo’s nonsense, GMac points out that the Blackhawks are set up to compete for a few more years to come, while we know that the Canucks are poised to do the same. With the Canucks finally knocking out the Blackhawks this past post-season, the rivalry feels a little more even now and Canucks fans must be salivating, waiting for more Vancouver/Chicago games. The rivalry has intensified even more this year, with the fact that the Canucks’ new farm team this year is the Chicago Wolves.

JEERS to the few, small-minded numbskulls who forced Milan Lucic to turn his upcoming day with the Stanley Cup in his hometown (Sunday Aug 14th) into a private affair. During an appearance at the Greek festival less than two weeks after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in Vancouver, Lucic had a small brawl break out in front of him, assumedly regarding the Bruins beating the hometown Canucks. As a result, Lucic and his family decided that it was best to not stage a public celebration, but to keep it amongst family and friends only. It is a damn shame that Lucic, a hometown hero, can’t celebrate with thousands of fans who would happily cheer him on. And a further jeers to ANYONE who thinks that the majority of people who live in Vancouver are on the same side as these idiots who started this fight. Everyone associated with this story has ackowledged that it was a VERY SMALL group of young (probably drunk) men that caused the dust-up, and there has been an outpouring of support for Lucic and his family as a result.

CHEERS to the Hockey Futbol Kit project. I LOVE THIS. NHL jerseys reimagined as football kits. Genius. And almost all of them look fantastic. The Kings, Ducks, and Wild kits look terrible. But it’s not because of the design. It’s because their team colours are atrocious. My personal favourites (of the ones that are posted so far) are the Rangers, Predators and Leafs.

  • Mantastic

    JEERS for all the nucklehead fans that think hockey players keep up with roster changes, especially the movement of such notable personnel as famous as Tanner Glass and Raffi Torres. Carcillo was asked on the spot and didn’t prepare for questions of the media before hand, so why would he do his research on those players before the press conference?

    • I’m not asking him to be fully current with roster changes.. but if you’re going to go to the point of calling out SPECIFIC players, you should at least know for sure that they’re still on the damn team. And get their names right, for cryin’ out loud.

      If he doesn’t know for sure then, like Thom said, be vague and say “Anyone who will challenge me.” and leave it at that. Instead he looks like an even bigger tool than he is.

      • Mantastic

        He originally answered the vague “people playing out of their shoes” but the beat writer, Adam Jahns specifically asked Carcillo which players. How is he suppose to know when put on the spot? pretty sure he’s not going to pull a kesler and repeat the same thing, over and over, he’s going to give you an answer even if it might be wrong are you going to persecute him for also missing names on that list as well? mispronoucing a name is hardly worth prosecuting him for it

        he got boo’ed at the blackhawks convention after saying the summer transactions… he wants to appeal to the fans and media there.

  • He should have been vague then Mantastic – instead he mentioned three non-Canucks, and had to be corrected to even get even one of them.

    It’s not the worst mistake ever, but obviously he deserves to be mocked for it.

  • JEERS for all the nucklehead fans that think hockey players keep up with roster changes

    Playing professional hockey is this dudes job. He gets paid six figures to do this. Is expecting him to be familiar with other team’s rosters – even in the off-season – all that out of line?

    • Mantastic

      if you survey nhl players around the league, i doubt 70% of them would know that either raffi torres or tanner glass have changed teams. i’ve heard many hockey players saying they didn’t hear of a certain signing or trade, let alone these all-star players.

      could you even name every roster change for every team this offseason? hockey players aren’t paid to memorize rosters or transactions. beat writers, bloggers and fans do and may or not be paid.