Mid-Day Headshots July 22nd

How awesome is this image? Courtesy ahockeynight.tumblr.com.

Mid-Day Head-shots is a CanucksArmy feature where we round up today’s freshest Canucks news including funny gifs, awesome videos, cool photos and interesting links. If you’ve written a Canucks blog-post and want it to be featured here, e-mail me at thom.drance@gmail.com.

From the Vancouver Courier – "several hundred" people will be charged in connection with the game 7 riot, says Jim Chu, though the process of charging everybody may take a couple months yet. 

PassittoBulis has the post up profiling every goal Jannik Hansen scored last season. Seems like all of Hansen’s 9 regular season goals came off rebounds. Hansen’s offensive ceiling is an awful lot higher than this post might lead you to believe, and I hope that next years "Every Goal Scored" series for Hansen features more finishes off of breakaways, and more goals resulting from his high-velocity slap-shot.

James O’Brien of PHT looks at seven contenders – and their remaining available cap-space over at PHT. Perhaps the best feature of the Gillis era has been the teams shrewd cap management.

If you want to spend seventeen hundred on a brandywine finish Canucks branded foosball table, here’s a link that will allow you to do that.

Gordon Macintyre at the Province summarizes Scott Cullen’s "takeaway leaders" findings, isolating the results of the Canucks skaters. Bear in mind that takeaways are among the the most subjective stats around – so this can, in some ways, be regarded as a list of which teams home scorekeepers are the most generous. If you’re looking to quantify defensive prowess – avoid takeaways and +/-, and stick with adjusted fenwick.