Westridge Elementary: The Spirit of the Canucks

A good friend of mine, Bryan Tesan, is a teacher at Westridge Elementary in Burnaby.

He and his entire school organized a day to heal and show true community spirit after the riots following Game 7.

Here’s their story. And their amazing video. THEY are all Canucks.

Westridge Elementary Celebrates Canucks Spirit Day from Westridge Elementary on Vimeo.


This past week was a difficult one for our community. It was a particularly troubling time for the young people in our communities who were so shocked by the violent images that immediately followed the disappointment of game 7. How were they to make sense of the anger and violence on display? The students at Westridge Elementary School in Burnaby decided to respond to with positivity, and organized a Canucks Spirit Day at their school. In addition to dressing in Canuck blue and green, they collaborated with the staff at the school to produce a touching video message to their heroes.

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  • B.D.G.

    I was so shocked at the rioting. Generally Canadians behave themselves and rarely cause any trouble. What is it about professional sports that sends normal, reasonable people right over the edge? How can we teach our children to be good sports, to enjoy the game and not focus on winning, to not be a sore loser, and then act like this? Now wonder our children won’t listen to us.