Game Review: SCF GM 3

If a goon puts his fingers in your mouth, that is trespassing and the UN authorizes you to use "any necessary means" to expel the intruder.
(AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jonathan Hayward))

It’s with a heavy-heart that I write this game review. Last night sucked, all around. If you’re a Bruins fan, the 7 goal victory probably provides some consolation, but my guess is you’d trade 6 of those goals for a healthy Horton going forward. The writers at Canucksarmy wish Horton a speedy, full recovery and our thoughts are with him, his family and his teammates this afternoon. We’ve gone on record many times criticizing the NHLs, and the NHLPAs abject failure to protect their players from head-injuries – so despite Rome’s harsh punishment, we applaud the league for having the stones to do the right thing in this instance.

But let’s get this clear – a shoulder hit to the head is not technically illegal under the current rules, and Rome’s suspension is without precedent in the NHL this season. I personally hope that the league goes further this summer to outlaw all types of head-shots, they’re too dangerous and I hate scenes like the one we saw last night. They make it very difficult to be a hockey fan.

But back to the game – an abject embarrassment. I don’t like that Vigneault left Luongo in net for the third, when it was clear that his teammates were doing nothing to prevent a blowout. Even if Luu asks to stay in, there’s no reason to hang your star goalie out to dry like that (especially when they have a history of fragility). I didn’t like the Bruins using the finger taunt twice on both Burrows and Lapierre – even if they both deserved it – because I don’t like stealing jokes (Lapierre’s joke was funnier, but I’m obviously biased). I hated Torres launching an elbow that just missed right at the end of the third. It sucked to see the Bruins score two short-handed goals, and I never like to see Kesler get as out-played as he was last night.

The only silver-lining, as I see it, is that Canucks fans (or at least the ones I associate myself with) are embarrassed today, but they’re not panicked. There is a different feel than there was around the team following the losses in games 4+5 to Chicago. There is a steady belief that whatever faces this particular Canucks team, they will at least figure it out and compete to the end. Could the Bruins win three of the next four and steal the dream away? Absolutely. But are you feeling worried, as a Canucks fan, today? I’m not. I’m just upset by some of the dirty play they brought to the rink last night. It can be very difficult to be a Canucks fan on occasion.

Three Big Stats:

1. Zero – bites for Burrows. Some hilarity from a New England broadcast of the game.

2. One –  hit for Tim Thomas. Straight up awesome.

3. Two – taunts from Boston. Boston’s finger taunts were unbecoming, but richly deserved by a Vancouver team that crosses the line on occasion.

And a partridge in a pair tree (of awfulness)!

Game 4 goes on Wednesday night from Boston. Lets hope that, unlike last night, the Canucks give us something to cheer about.


  • Jano

    I found that the Canucks gave us lots to cheer about last night. Especially the sisters getting abused at will.

    I just hope that both teams are done with the fingers in mouths crap. Also, I unfortunately think that the Canucks are a better team with Ballard and without Rome.

  • Mantastic

    lappy’s original joke doesn’t even make any sense. offering bergeron something to bite while burrow’s was the one who actually bit bergeron just doesn’t make any sense.

  • @Mantastic It just rubbed his face in it. Doing it back to the Canucks – twice – after making a big deal out of it, was strange and hugely lacking in creativity.

    @Jano Sedin sisters? Awesome. Did you read an NHL joke book from 2003?

    • Mantastic

      not saying that last night was any better, but putting fingers in someones face after your own teammate bit that player is hardly a good taunt. if anything, it would be his sh*t-eating grin on his face would be more annoying.

  • Mantastic

    Vancouver fans cry about someone putting fingers in the face of an idiot. Give it up it is the Stanley cup Playoffs. Burrows should not have played in game two after his performance in game 1. Do you think the hockeys gods owe you something?

    • Yankee Canuck

      Swings both ways there slugger. Boston fans have spent most of this week complaining about Lapierre’s taunt. All in, who cares about taunts? This is a rough sport, let them have a little liberty if they want it.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    I have just been disappointed in most of the events of the series. Sure there have been some bright lights but there have been some things that for me make this Stanley final a disappointment on a hockey level. top would be the coaching of the Canucks in game three. and the head hit. The finger thing is just juvenile. The Officiating has been terrible, worst in all my memory. For me the biggest bright spots have been watching the learning/confidence curves for the twins and luongo(I may hate the Canucks but I admire growth.) I have also really liked watching Tim Thomas, His response to the OT loss was so professional. His body check in the crease was the top play of the playoffs for me, Epic just epic.