May 29th – Forever In My Heart

Luc Bourdon… Forever in our hearts.
(Photo Kim Stallknecht/Getty Images)

Today is a day of mixed emotions for me.

I wrote this article two years ago, and re-posted it today, anticipating that I would have to change some things around. But as I read it again, I have nothing to change. My emotions remain the same. The only difference is that my youngest daughter is now three years old, and has started pre-school. In reality, I am probably more emotional about Luc’s passing now, knowing that Canucks are battling for hockey’s ultimate prize and knowing that Luc would want nothing more than to be in that room, battling with them.

But something tells me that Luc Bourdon never left that dressing room. He’s right there with them all.


On May 29, 2008, my youngest daughter Isla was born.

On May 29, 2008, Luc Bourdon died.

Today is a day of mixed emotions for me. As I look at my daughter today, I see her full of life and promise and joy and innocence. Then I pick up the newspaper and see a picture of a young man who WAS full of life and promise and joy but was tragically taken from us too soon. Bourdon’s career was just beginning. We all saw the potential for him to be tremendous hockey player for the Vancouver Canucks. He was already a winner in his short life, capturing Gold twice with the Canadian World Junior team. He continued to improve every year after being drafted by the Canucks in 2005, and there is no doubt that he would be been on he roster for the Canucks this past season. But he was lost too soon, and this organization and its fans will mourn for years to come. Fans are reminded how much Bourdon meant to the team through the wide variety of events, ceremonies and sites dedicated to Luc and his legacy.

The team knows that we lost someone special that day. And yet, my family and I gained someone special that day. We were so blessed, as with any birth, when our youngest daughter was born. Both baby and mom were healthy and happy, and our family has had a wonderful year since. Now, I must admit that I do not associate my daughter with Luc, but I am reminded of this fact every time I see an article about him and his accident is discussed. Whenever they mention the date, I say to myself, "Oh yeah, that’s the day Isla was born." And of course today there was no escaping that association, as Luc’s picture was splashed across the back of the Province. So today, instead of focusing on tragedy and the loss of a young man who had already captured the hearts of this city, I focus on my daughter and the wonderful life she has ahead of her.

In this circle of life, some lives are lost, and some are just beginning. Today I am buoyed by a life that is just beginning. Today I will celebrate, and I hope you can, too.


May you rest in peace, Luc. And may the Stanley Cup be raised in your honour. A city, a province, and a nation of fans is cheering right along side you.