GDR #30 – Maple Leafs @ Canucks

TORONTO - FEBRUARY 21:  Alex Burrows #14 of the Vancouver Canucks celebrates his tying goal against the Toronto Maple Leafs during their NHL game at the Air Canada Centre February 21, 2009 in Toronto, Ontario.  (Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

Game Day Recon #30 – Maple Leafs @ Canucks

The Canucks are just better than the Leafs at everything. And have been for a while. On paper, the Canucks should absolutely wreck the Maple Leafs tonight.

So they’d better do it, and not dick around about it. Like the last time they played each other.

Broadcast Info

Game Time: 4:00 PM PT

TV: CBC (HD) Radio: Team1040

The Intel

Unlike their last game, the Canucks should spend little time searching for a reason to get amped up for tonight’s game. They’re playing the league’s 2nd most storied franchise, they’re playing at home during the national prime time slot, and they’re facing two of their former general managers. There are LOTS of reasons for the Canucks to find the inspiration they need to kick the snot out of the lowly Maple Leafs.

The last time the Canucks and Leafs played, it was closer than it should have been. Playing at the Air Canada Centre, the hosts jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead, before the Canucks turned the tables and came back to win 5-3, with the final goal and empty-netter courtesy of Dan Hamhuis.

This time around, Kessel, Versteeg and Grabovski are the three Leafs who warrant attention from the Canucks defense. And although they don’t get a ton of respect from the Canucks faithful, the blueline corps has been pretty solid lately. And given that the Leafs are 28th in goal production, that sturdy Canucks D should hold fine. As well Luongo looks to have found a bit of form lately, looking far more poised and calm in recent games.

As for the Canucks forwards, it looks like they will be facing Jonas Gustavsson, as J-S Giguere is yet again injured, making way for the Monster in net. At 4-8-2, and at 2.91 GAA and a .901 Sv% Gustavsson hasn’t been great this year, but neither Leafs goalie is getting any offensive support either. So the Canucks would be well-served to pepper the Monster and get greasy in front of him.

Speaking of which, it might be a great game for the Canucks most recent call-up to make his mark. Aaron Volpatti comes up from the Moose, replacing Jonas Andersson on the fourth line. The Canucks minor league coaching staff have been quite impressed with Volpatti’s all-around play this year, as he can skate well, hits plenty and fights when needed. It’s that kind of combination that has actually been slightly lacking from the fourth line. We’ll see if Volpatti can put his stamp on tonight’s game, put putting his stamp on Gustavsson.

The Three Keys

Here are the three keys for the Vancouver Canucks tonight:

1. Don’t play down to the Leafs. The Canucks have historically been bery guilty of playing down to the level of their lesser opponents. This year, they’ve actually been pretty good about playing to their own level against the weaker teams. Tonight can be no different. They need to use the national spotlight during Eastern prime time to show the entire country how good they really are.

2. Score first. Don’t make yourself come back again. The Canucks are 14-1-2 when they score the first goal. The Leafs are 4-13-1 when they let in the first goal. This one ain’t hard to figure out, kids.

3. Someone else OTHER than Ryan Kesler needs to be the hero. Kesler has been the Canucks best player for the past three games, most notably in their last game against Columbus, when his hattrick was all the scoring the Canucks needed. From, Tambellini has 0 points in 3 games, Torres has 0 points in 6 games, and Bieksa has 0 points in 4 games. Tonight would be a GREAT night for all three of those players to get themselves off the schneid.

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  • Yankee Canuck

    When considering the attitude of most Vancouver fans to the Maple Leafs, it would be fair to say that we all have a simmering resentment caused by the arrogant sense of entitlement shared by every Leafs fan. In a recent article in The Province Tony Gallagher says that this is epitomized and symbolized by the early start time, changed to suit them and nobody else. A Leafs fan of my acquaintance says that the time zones involved are the only reason for this change, thereby proving the point: they have no idea. The normal seven pm start time is good enough for every other visiting eastern team, including the Montreal Canadiens, every bit as storied a franchise as the Maple Leafs. They don’t see the disrespect to those other teams. Could Hockey Night In Toronto be perpetuating the myth that anybody but them cares?