Bump the skid: Canucks & Avs


Colorado Avalanche @ Vancouver Canucks

7:00 PM PST

Avalanche   Canucks
12 Wins 10
7 Losses 7
1 OTL 3
3.50 (T-2nd) Goals/Game 2.90 (T-11th)
3.00 (21st) Goals Against/Game 2.70 (13th)
22.2% (7th) PP 27% (1st)
76.8% (28th) PK 87.2% (5th)

What To Watch For

> Even Strength is, well, just that: Vancouver has only scored four ES goals in their four game losing streak. Vigneault has Burrows with Kesler and Samuelsson (who is doing his best Steve Berier impression these days) and there’s simply no rhythm in the top six. Our third line has come back to Earth and the fourth line is…well they were probably the best line against Phoenix. Jeff Tambellini is our newest savior but, in the end, they need to find their ES success again. They can’t simply rely on the PP because…

> Special teams are, well, just that: …that 1st overall ranking above is misleading. Their PP hasn’t looked solid in this skid either; the biggest blackeye was a 1-for-8 against Chicago and their lone tally came when the game was pathetically out of reach. A top five PK is well-deserved and a pleasure to have, but the PP is a game changer. They need to find that prowess again too and go back tp punishing teams who skate a man short.

> Keep it simple stupid(s): After a weekend in Vancouver, I’ve seen plenty to dislike about how they’re playing. The cutesy passes, the cycling three inches from the board, not driving for the prime scoring area and general lacksidasical approaches to their backchecking and defensive outbreaks…ALL of that has got to end. Sure it’s still early but there are some ugly black eyes for Vancouver out there already. Tonight is a chance to assert themselves against a rival. They have no excuses to start soft and be content with another loss in the name of "bad bounces."