My Kingdom for a PK

William Shakespeare ( 

Definitely the look of a typical Kings "hockey fan"

At  the end of Shakespeare’s Richard the III, the main character, during a battle set on horseback, is left left screaming "A horse!, a horse!, my kingdom for a horse!"  It’s just meant to show that for all his vaunted power, he eventually gets done in by something so mundane, so pedestrian, so seemingly unimportant as having his stupid horse die on him.

Sounds a little like what the Canucks are going through right about now. How may times, let’s say during the last DECADE, have there been any major concerns about  their penalty killing. They just haven’t been there. With an admittedly biased eye and no statistical evidence to back it up, I have to say I’ve always thought the Canucks PK was pretty good. In the meantime we’ve built our kingdom around a gold medal goalie and a high octane offense, centered around the franchises first ever scoring champ. Now Canucks fans would almost trade it all for a unit that could kill a god damn penalty. A horse Indeed.

But have no fear true believers, this extended analogy, with all it’s references to Kings and Kingdoms can’t  be about our beloved team. The ultimate doom the king suffers in the end must be foreshadowing the demise of the L.A. Kings. Now that I think about it, I believe it was character named Johnny Canuck that killed the king in the end, giving everyone in the story a super happy ending because everybody hated the King. At least I think that’s what happened. Just like the Canucks powerplay woes, Shakespeare’s so damn hard to understand.