Yet Another Sedin Story

Vancouver Canucks v Los Angeles Kings

Yeah, yeah, another Henrik Sedin article. The internet is already awash with them, but hey, let’s enjoy this. Who knows when this will happen again? Whether debating his Hart Trophy candidacy or just the shock of of a non Ovechkin/Crosby scoring champ, the Henrik Sedin bandwagon seems to be a tad bit fuller then ever before.

Even out here on the West Coast, we were slow to warm to the magic of the Sedins. The hardest thing to do as a sports fan is admit that you’ve been wrong. It’s embarrassing, so we pathologically try to find ways to justify our original opinion, that may have been jumped to a little too quickly. I have to put myself into the category of people who doubted the Sedins. I always admired there skill and thought they were pretty  good, but wondered aloud if they good ever be the number one line on a winning team. I never went so far as to call them the sisters, but I did joke that someone should tell them the net isn’t in the corner. They changed a little, the did get better, but that’s just excuse making on my part. I was wrong. Everyone should admit it. Many of us were wrong. It feels good try it.

And what did Henrik have to do to turn us all around? Just be the first Art Ross Trophy winner in Vancouver Canucks history. Oh, yeah and he just had to do it against two guys who are considered by most to be era defining super-duper stars who just happen to be in their primes. No biggie.

It works the other way too. It just seems were eager to defend Luongo because we loved him from the start. Again, we don’t want to even consider that we may have been wrong. That said it’s totally understandable. We want to defend our guy. But, don’t be too afraid to change and miss out on this great Sedin moment. People have waited 40 years for this, so who knows when it’ll happen again. Well, probably next year when Daniel wins it, with more than a little help from Henrik. Yeah, I like the sound of that.