GDRC – Canucks @ Ducks

This Duck is aghast at Luongo’s play last night. So were we.

The Vancouver Canucks try to rebound from a horrible loss last night as they travel down the highway to Anaheim to face the Ducks tonight at Honda Center.

The Canucks were soundly beaten last night. And the Canucks defense and goaltending were largely non-existent.

So today’s game is all about the rebound.

How will the Canucks rebound from such an ugly loss? How will Roberto Luongo rebound after a terrible effort, and being forced to stay in net for the full 60 minutes? How will the defense rebound from arguably their worst game this season?

How will the coaching staff respond? Will they start Raycroft as previously planned? Will they juggle the lines and defensive pairings? Or do they keep everything exactly the same and see how their players respond?

These are all questions that Canucks are eager to have answered tonight. Tonight’s game will speak volumes about the resolve and fight in the Canucks. A great effort tonight proves to me they are tough enough to reply and are ready to fight it out in the playoffs. A lacklustre effort proves to me that they are ultimately defeatists and are destined for playoff disappointment yet again.

Remember, after tonight, the playoffs start in 5 games. So don’t tell me tonight’s game doesn’t mean anything. If you want proof this team is ready for the playoffs, tonight’s game means everything.