Back To The Grind

Columbus Blue Jackets v Vancouver Canucks

It’s time to deal with the fact that red has turned back to blue for all Canuck fans. The symbolism of this, so obvious Rick Reilly probably wouldn’t even use it,  gives us a nice look into the feelings fans face as the NHL season resumes.  As we literally exchange all our Team Canada hoodies and toques for a return to our Canuck jerseys and ball caps, I have to say, it just feels strange. Maybe even a little depressing.

We just had an unbridled, out of control, intense two weeks, and frankly the comedown is jarring. No offense to the good people of Ohio, but it’s hard to get geared up for a Columbus Blue Jackets game after what we just saw. No, not saw, witnessed. Vancouver just experienced a day that can only be described as the love child of every great holiday, all rolled into one fantastic package.  We got the best Christmas present we could ever wish for.  We are as thankful as Thanksgiving has ever made us. Although the costuming was a bit repetitive, more people dressed up than any Halloween. And finally we partied more than any New Year’s Eve. How can game 62 out of an 82 game schedule compete with that.

It’s nothing against the Canucks, everyone will be back as big and boisterous as before, it’s all just happening too fast. It’ll take a little time, time to decompress, time to get back in the swing of things. Mike Gillis can speed up the process if he can somehow do something at the trade deadline, which by the way is in only two days. Maybe Scott Niedermayer? No one could be depressed seeing that Canadian red turn into Canucks’ blue.