Around the league – Nov 5, 2009

The Carolina Hurricanes are on a ten game losing streak, the longest in the NHL since the St. Louis lost 13 straight from March 16th to April 8th in 2006.

Longest losing streaks for each franchise:

Anaheim: Eight in 2005 Atlanta: 12 in 2000
Boston: 11 in 1925 Buffalo: Eight in 2003
Calgary: 11 in 1986 Carolina: Current; Hartford had nine in 1983
Chicago: 12 in 1951 Colorado: 14 in 1990
Columbus: Eight in 2000 Dallas: Ten in 1976 (North Stars)
Detroit: 14 in 1982 Edmonton: 11 in 1993
Florida: 13 in 1998 LA: 11 in 2004
Minnesota: Five in 2001 Montreal: 12 in 1926
Nashville: Seven in 1999 New Jersey: 14 in 1976
Islanders: 12 in 1973 Rangers: 11 in 1943
Ottawa: 14 in 1993 Philadelphia: 12 in 1999
Phoenix: Ten in 1980 (Jets) Pittsburgh: 18 in 2004
St Louis: 13 in 2006 San Jose: 17 in 1993
Tampa Bay: 13 in 1998 Toronto: Ten in 1967
Vancouver: Ten in 1997 Washington: 17 in 1975

It is interesting to note that in the NHL official guide and record book it lists Washington and San Jose as holding the record with 17 straight losses, but the Penguins lost 18 in 2004. (This is also listed in the NHL official guide and record book). They did lose one in OT, and I wonder if that is why they aren’t listed as the record holder. I made a call to the statistician of the NHL and am waiting for a response.

When the Capitals lost 17 in 1975 there was no OT so all of theirs were in regulation, but in 1993 when the Sharks tied the record there was overtime. The Sharks were awful that year setting the record for most loses in a season with 71. They went 11-71-2. Ouch.

In case you are curious the longest streak in other leagues are:

NBA:  Cleveland Cavaliers: 24
MLB:  Philadelphia Phillies: 26
NFL:   Tampa Bay: 26
CFL:   Hamilton: 16


It was amazing how many emails I got last week because of my Ice Women title. Some guys were pretty pissed, some were intimidated, and Dave actually sent me this:

"Trying to empower women is not the job of some lame ass sports reporter. Society went down hill the day women were allowed to vote."

He actually wrote that. I would hope that he is a rare breed, and does the title really bother some of you? If so, too bad, because the boys here at OilersNation are backing Ice Women from now on.

And our Woman of the week is Courtney from the LA Kings. She was the 44th girl to tryout for their team. We can’t get a team of eight women in Edmonton, and they get 44 just to try out!


  • Barring a major injury Ryan Smyth will make team Canada. His game his simple, and there are few guys as passionate about the game as Smyth. I can’t see anyway he doesn’t make the squad if he is healthy.
  • Strange stat. Nik Antropov is 7th in assists but doesn’t have one goal.
  • While Oiler fans have a right to be annoyed at Shawn Horcoff’s production to salary ratio he does have company. Chris Drury is a $7.05 million cap hit and he has six points. Eric Staal is a $8.25 million cap hit and has five points. David Legwand is a $4.5 hit and has no goals and three points. Brian Rolston has five points to go with his $5.06 million. 
  • And the worst bang for their buck goes to the Washington Capitals as they are paying Michael Nylander $4.875 million to play in the minors. He has zero points in the NHL and six points in the AHL.
  • Then there are guys who give great bang for their buck. James Neal has 17 points for his $822,000. Rich Peverly will make $475,000 and he has 16 points already. Sharks D-man Jason Demers has ten points for his $543,000.
  • It is not in the NHL, but OHL Commissioner, David Branch, went over the line with the season long suspension to Michael Liambas. A 20-game suspension would have been fair. The hit was vicious, but he didn’t leave his feet, didn’t use his elbow and he actually glided the final few feet before contact. Nothing with that hit was grossly outside the rules. Branch tried to make a statement, but he never once addressed that he would look into making helmets fit better, or ensure the kids tighten their chin straps. Ben Fanelli’s helmet seemed to come off at the point of contact, not when he hit the glass. Regardless of when it came off, it came off to easy and that is what Branch should have focused on, not abusing his power and suspending a young man for the rest of the season.


"I have taken rolling pins to mine for 20 years I have no more feeling in them in." — Brad May comparing his hands to Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg’s.


Here are the top ten in pts, goals, assists and other stats.

Fourteen: Alex Ovechkin (leads for the third straight week)
Eleven: Anze Kopitar Patrick Marleau, Marian Gaborik and Steven Stamkos
Ten: Dany Heatley, Rick Nash and Corey Perry
Nine: Dustin Penner, Ilya Kovalchuk, Sidney Crosby, James Neal, Ryan Malone and Steven Reinprecht (Four goals this week).

Sixteen: Joe Thornton (leads for the fourth straight week)
Fifteen: Tomas Kaberle
Fourteen: Nicklas Backstrom and Vinny Prospal
Thirteen: Anze Kopitar and Brad Richards
Twelve: Marty St.Louis, Dan Boyle, Nik Antropov and Paul Stastny

24: Kopitar (leads for second straight week)
23: Ovechkin
22: Marleau
21: Nash (six points this week)
20: Thornton
19: Penner, Gaborik and Ryan Smyth
18: Heatley, B. Richards, Backstrom and Vinny Prospal

+13: Alex Goligoski
+11: Matt Carle and Ryan O’Reilly
+10: Ovechkin, Crosby, Henrik Tallinder and Davis Drewiske.
+9: Penner, Jay Mckee and Wayne Simmonds

PP Goals:
Six: Heatley
Five: Andrew Brunette and Stamkos
Four: Smyth, Kopitar, Gaborik, Marleau, Scott Hartnell, Milan Hejduk, Mike Richards, Devon Setoguchi, Raffi Torres, Rich Peverley Mikael Samuelsson and Niklas Hagman.

65: Ryan Callahan…(leads for fourth straight week).
59: Chris Neil
54: Dustin Brown
53: J.F Jacques
48: Stephane Robidas
45: Matt Cooke, Marc Staal and Scott Nichol
44: Andrew Alberts and Brooks Orpik

86: Ovechkin
63: Zach Parise
58: Crosby, Nash, Jeff Carter and Michael Cammalleri
54: Samuelsson and Eric Staal (only three goals on 54 shots this year)
52: Mikko Koivu and Vinny Lecavalier (two goals on 52 shots so far)


Normally it is forwards with high shooting percentages, but Pens’ D-man Alex Goligoski has six goals on only 20 shots for a scorching 30%. Reinprecht has nine goals on 27 shots to lead the league at 33.3%.

  • offside

    Seeing Penner in the top ten is nice, because after tonight I needed to see something positive before going to sleep. Maybe when I wake up it will be a bad dream and the Oilers are actually not a bunch of softies…

  • Lofty

    Don't think big mac will touch the ice again under Quinn after last night. Good work boys you really got it done last night. Take another few days off and then regroup

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Well I made it to the ice women and stopped. Might be time to end the article with the ice women instead of putting it in the middle.

  • Ender

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    OHL Commissioner, David Branch, went over the line with the season long suspension to Michael Liambas. A 20-game suspension would have been fair. The hit was vicious, but he didn’t leave his feet, didn’t use his elbow and he actually glided the final few feet before contact. Nothing with that hit was grossly outside the rules.

    Agreed. Just one more example of punishing the result instead of the action. How many games would Liambas have been given if the helmet had stayed tight and Fanelli had skated off under his own power? Would there have been any suspension at all if Fanelli had finished the game?

    In watching the replay on that hit, the only thing that distinguished it from a dozen identical hits I see every game in the NHL was the end result. If you're going to punish that hit with that suspension, you've got to be willing to hand out the same suspension every time that hit is made, even when the player getting hit is unhurt.

  • Slapshot

    How much longer are we going to have to wait before Tambellini does something to shake this team up? Any hope we had of a good season is starting to fade and it is only 2 months into the year,I have seen this version of the oilers many times over the last few years.We need management to make moves now before it is to late.

      • smiliegirl15

        ~Wait, I thought it was the coaching keeping this team from being competitive/a contender?~

        Players not producing who have the talent to produce have been reinspired. Dustin Penner and Smid – perhaps because of the trade that wasn't or new coaching. There are players who skated under the radar because of the old regime too. I'm sure there will be under the new staff too (they're human after all). I also believe Tambelini is working to make this team better. Saying trade this guy and that guy is all well and good but in the end you have to have someone to trade with. Other teams have their own garbage; do you honestly believe they want yours?

  • offside

    Is the Space Shuttle picture suppose to be indicative of Garry Betmann's future expantion plans? Then again, a team in outer space would get better attendance than Phoenix.

    Please, somebody tell me that this slide the Oil is on is an aberation rather than what we're going to see for the rest of the season.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    How you lose 26 games in the NFL is beyond me, even the CFL although Hamilton did kinda blow for quite awhile.

    Have to agree on the whole OHL thing. Like you said or someone on your show said what happens if someone leaves their feet next time, two years?

    Didn't Oil fans want Legwand? Maybe even I did too?

    Interesting stat that I found today. Coglinao with 14 hits has one more the Penner.

  • BarryS

    Life is long, loosing streaks make it even longer.

    Time to send the farm a new line, Nilsson, Grebs, and Gilby. Call it the Um Line as in Um do we play offense or defence or just skate around avoiding the puck.